Here’s the new video from the fresh Japanese Hip Hop crew Simi Lab’s music video “UNCOMMON” from their new album ” Page 1: ANATOMY OF INSANE “. The album was released last week.

In 2009, their YouTube music video “Walkman” made a buzz among hardcore Nihongo (Japanese) rap heads. This crew maintains a mysterious vibe as there’s very litte information. We do know hey’re based in Sagamihara, Kanagawa. Simi Lab, consists of numerous  young fresh kids. The main members are QN, OMS B’Eats, MARIA, DyyPRIDE and Hi’Spec. OMS B’Eats, DyyPRIDE and Maria are mixed race, as you can see in this video, but they all rap in Japanese as they’re born and raised in Japan.

This song points out the Japanese society, which always follows the rules, being different is unwelcome,and being the same as others is a good virtue. They raised the question if “being the same is such good thing?”. As they say in the song…..“what’s the ordinary? What’s the common sense? pour gas and burn that shit”.

Enjoy 100% original fresh music from SIMI LAB.

Purchase the album ” Page 1: ANATOMY OF INSANE ”  On CD or iTunes JP

Simi Lab : Website • Twitter


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