Okay, this has to be heard. Like legit this is really really good. Hir-O is on the beat, a dope dope melodic flip (of what I assume is part of the Inception soundtrack) and then Red Pill comes in spitting Fire and Flames, this is just hella dope, and then there’s the ultra sharp visuals that create a feeling of dystopia and exile, just what this track is kinda about, I mean, this is one of the favourite things I’ve posted on here for sure. These two Detroit natives been slept on for long enough, spread the word. Mixtape coming soon. I can’t wait to see what these two have done.

WIB is always on point though with dope artists so you won’t be suprised to see we featured Hir-O heavily before (check his stuff here, although I hope he reuploads some of his old beat tapes) and I’ve known about Red Pill for a while, ever since this freestyle session with One Be Lo.

Red Pill: TwitterBandcamp

Hir-O:  TwitterBandcampFacebook


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