Tribute to Big L from Mike Boogie, who was with Big L on his first tour, off the soundtrack to the Big L documentary ‘Street Smart’. Real heartfelt. Been in the making a while but hopefully should be out this Autumn; here’s the latest update on the doc from the film’s (and video’s) director Jewlz:

Peace to all the family. First off i just want to Express the extreme appreciation we have for everyones that has been so patient with us in regards to releasing the Big L Documentary. Truthfully we even appreciate the ones that have run out of patients with us, I understand 13 years is a hell of a long time to wait for anything…Word! So as you guys and many people have already pointed out, Unforunately we did not make the 5/30/11 Big L’s 37th Birthday Release date. Granted, In our slight defense, All that is being done to assemble this Documentary (Travelling and arranging interviews, making calls, Buying equipment to Film etc) it all has been completely done without a Budget of any outside companies or entities at all….


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So balancing a personal life with regular Bills and also using personal financing to finalize and complete the Documentary is a tall order, especially in this effed up Economy. I’m sure thats not anything that comes into the argument when the debate about “Is it coming out or is it a Fraud..etc” and i’m sure thats not anyones concern, So to move on beyond that. Just this pass weekend we shot a video for a Song (Me and Big L) from the soundtrack of the Documentary that was performed by Mike Boogie of 8 is enough Fame. We had some nice cameos from many Artist that lent their support to the completion of the Video. The Video is geared primarily towards establishing early promotion for the Big L Street Struck Documentary. We feel it’s necessary to promote a Strong Awareness of the Documentary to truly give it the Best chance to make a Great Impact the same way Lamont did as an MC in the Rap Game. As for the Documentary we plan to release it IN LATE AUGUST EARLY SEPTEMBER!!

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