Latest video from Chicago emcee M-Trey called “Nomad”, first time i hear of the brother….but that’s some powerful poetry. Produced by Philosophy

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Lyrics After The Jump… 

Supreme, check my daily routine of wrecking shit,
Record clips of me in steady rotation ever since
Like 7 years ago, and I ain’t let up since then,
Press up physicals and bless these Christians,
Wake up, it’s like 2:59, you finna miss it,
Bridge this, gap between the factual and fiction,
Tell a story of a man from far away who never knew home,
On a mission to find a new home, make the truth known,
I’ve seen the best you had to offer; it was lackluster,
Crack smugglers and mac busters, all you crabs muster,
So all my non-sequiturs and idiosyncrasies,
Are just what enable me to make studio symphonies,
Assistance be, given by Phillip, Ishaq and Drew,
Inspiration to craft creations, sage of Chicago’s youth,
Seeking wisdom, when the wind comes, let it take me away,
The only way to learn is to do, so what I do is pray,
For the day that my life’s components amount to something with promise,
Stockpiling karma in order to stop time’s performance,
This is more than a moment, don’t reduce it to such,
This is the split-second of pressure causing bruises to blush,
This is the music we trust, this is the muse that we lust after,
The views of the brush fire that fumes and engulfs,
Everything that we knew, and so we’re back at the beginning,
They were laughing at my vision til my dreams came to fruition, now I’m…

All alone at the top, see the sun don’t shine for long, no,
It was cold for a while but I learned to enjoy the storm,
So when the clouds roll by, I just smile and say hi,
It ain’t no more time for a silent reply,
Only way a nomad knows is the winding road…

So I travel, the path most arduous,
The class won’t march to this, the past pain harboring,
I masked way more than what I meant to, and now,
Not only do I not recall myself, I loathe my very vessel,
So I’m changing, metamorphosed into a type of man,
Who remembers mistakes made but will never make them again,
And I go by the same name, but you can tell that I’m different,
Cuz when you ask me what’s good, I say “Everything, if you wish it,”
So, I forgive every friend who took advantage,
Every demon that believed that it could change my point of vantage,
Every woman that broke my heart, even if we been through it,
Cuz all dogs go to heaven, bitches included,
So as the compact disc spins and the tears fall down,
Just know I never felt better than how I feel right now,
My soul bared, my heart open, my hope spared when all’s broken,
No longer scared to start over…

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