The timeless phrase “breaking up is hard to do” is the basis for Donwill’s newest video for his song, “Can’t Shake It Easy.” The fourth visual to come from the Cincinnati-born, Brooklyn-based MC from Tanya Morgan stays true to the concept of his debut solo album, Don Cusack In High Fidelity, which is Donwill’s musical interpretation of the cult classic film, High Fidelity. “The album is based on being in a state of perpetual pre-mid-life crisis,” says Donwill. “Nothing in life will give you all the answers, but this album will help people find some of the answers they might be looking for.”

Donwill explores the personal turmoil and regret of breaking up with his video for “Can’t Shake It Easy.” Following the release of his optimistic video for “Breathe,” he enlisted the talents of Queens-based 5846 Productions to capture what a lonely guy does after leaving his girl. With the chorus questioning “Tell me what I need to take/ Cause maybe I need a drink, or two,” Donwill is seen tossing back shots and gulping down Buds to try and numb the pain. But as he realizes in the video, sometimes burning all the depressing memories in an alley way is the only way to cope.

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