It always great to see Cook & Uno on the grind, very down to earth brothers, that do it for the love of music, and nothing else. Difficult to find people like them in todays environment…make sure you support by buying the new album “Music Factory” (Soon To Be Reviewed Right Here at WIB)


“The song, a cautionary tale for artist’s seeking the quick route to success is bolstered by a guest verse from Evidence of the legendary Dilated Peoples. The emcees take turns giving heartfelt renditions of their own struggles with life as an artist: the ups-and-downs, successes and failures that come with being a musician staying true to their art. There was a time in hip-hop when the very idea of “selling out” could end your career. Cookbook and Uno Mas successfully remind the hip-hop nation of this golden rule without coming off as frustrated or preachy. “We were inspired by the large amounts of artists who lose their souls for this music thing. We all do to a degree, and we wanted to address it,” Cookbook explains.”

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