Well where do I start with this subject right? This is a collaboration between the heavy (no Pun intended see what I did there twice aaww yeah) Action Bronson and former MTV reality TV show star, now signed to Soulja Boy’s label Riff Raff. It’s a strange colab to be honest of two guys from different ends of the scale where their music is concerned but the whole thing works as I’ve had it on blast since it dropped but i have been keeping it to myself for fear of it not being what you guys would like to see, but why live in fear at the end of the day it’s dope and it works no matter how I feel about it in my musical morality.  I have to say I love Harry Frauds production and the tune doesn’t get old even after a whole day of listening to it on repeat in the car with the homie Chris P Cuts. So check it out tell me what you think, and remember to tailor me  leather suite, on some Jodeci shit!

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