Verbs, one-half of UK’s Hip Hop duo Iron Bridge, releases visuals for “Start Again.”  The single/video produced by Slap up Mill with cuts by Jabba the Kut, is the third release from the forthcoming album titled ‘Visionary’ set to drop on July 2nd.

“Get live, get down, time to free the mind, it’s time to meditate”, Verbs sets the tone and jumps right in dropping jewel after jewel about our earth tainted with chemicals. Through intricate lyricism, Verbs brings awareness on how much better we can live as long as we don’t fall into what feels like a force-fed cycle.

The video pays homage to John Carpenters They Live movie with Verbs as the main character. Once he puts on those dark shades everything America sweeps under the rug is brought to light. Watch “Start Again” and connect with Verbs below.

Instagram: @ironbridgehiphop

Youtube: iron bridge records



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