TWIB Meets returns for the new month and yes we got the one and only Superior. The German producer just dropped his heavy hitting lp “The Journey” and it’s only right to have a few words with him right here.

Sit back and enjoy the chat.

For the benefit of anyone who’s been living in an underground bunker for the past few years…who on earth are you?

 I‘m Superior, a producer from Heilbronn/Germany. A person who is addicted to Hip-Hop since as long as I can remember.

How did you get started in music, and what drives you to continue?

I started at a very early age being involved in the German breakdance scene. My love for Rap music has been heavily influenced over the years by groups such as Public Enemy, NWA, Hijack, Gunshot, Silver Bullet, DJ Premier, Wu-Tang, and Mobb Deep to name a few. After a quite intense time as a B-Boy and graf writer, I started focusing on my deejay career, which led med to become a vice champion here in Germany.  Alongside my DJ career, I worked on my first live performances in 1989 with Nate DaGreat (NYC, Germany), and had the opportunity to produce some cuts with Spontaneous (LA), and German rappers, N.E.N.A.D and Heikouality, who I later joined forces with under the group, Hip Hop Ataris. So yeah, it seems like I did a lot of crazy stuff during the last few decades. In 2015 I found that it was about time to do my own thing, so I released a solo album, Scenes, a instrumental project consisting 13 tracks containing samples from the 60s and 70s, plus a feature appearance by Declaime (Stones Throw). I always loved working with international artists—in the past few years I’ve been working with Planet Asia, REKS, Verbal Kent and others. I love how there’s no cultural barrier when it comes to HipHop. There’s just one language – dopeness! So I decided to make an album with 20 of the dopest emcees I know, along with classic soulful boom bap beats. That’s my style and that’s what I’m still hungry about after all these years.

Do you remember the first beat you ever made? How did you go about it?

The first beat that I made was for a German talent contest. Hard Bass was the name of my rap group, and we were in the contest. I sampled Big Daddy Kane for this track we titled “Can’t Stop the Bumrush“—and we ended up winning!

If a movie about your life in music was to be made, what interesting/strange moments and stories would you share to make the movie cool?

Watch the movie Beat Street. Really, it’s almost the same story I experienced when it comes to HipHop.

Are there any other interesting facts about you that hardly anyone else knows?

The one thing that I never will forget is that I actually planned to have Sean Price on my album. I knew him since he was in Stuttgart with P.F. Cuttin. I talked to him on the phone when I started working on The Journey, and he was very excited to be a part of it. I told him I was going to send him some beats, so I started producing some bangers, always in mind that Sean P would love to spit on them. Few days later I checked my facebook and I saw all these “R.I.P. Sean Price” posts. I was so shocked, I just couldn’t believe it.

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

The greatest thing for me is that I have the full support from my label. That’s the most important thing. And that I can be myself. I really feel that there aren’t many artists out there that share that kind of artistic freedom. If there is a thing I could change, it would be that some artists should start to think more about the music than about the money. There are some artists out there that don’t even listen to the beats they get, but just name the price they want for a feature part. Of course everyone has to make a living, but you should at least feel the music if you want to build art together.

Looking back, what’s been the most important moments in your life so far?

That’s an easy one, the birth of my son just a few weeks ago!

What have been the biggest highlights?

The biggest highlight in music was to create this album, The Journey, because it definitely has been a journey. I remember how this title came to my mind when the album was nearly done, and I kept thinking about the process of working on it—it just felt like finally arriving, with the music that I always wanted to make. Holding the test pressing in my hands for the first time was one of the most intense moments in this process as well.

What has been your biggest challenge…and how did you overcome it?

A headspin when I was a b-boy haha. Please don’t ask me to do this again!

Who are your heroes? Why do they rock your world?

Bruce Lee and Michael Jordan. Bruce was the king of his art. And MJ…man, where do I start?

Who’s been the coolest, most memorable people you’ve met along the way, and how did they make an impact on your life?

I can’t pick a single person. The coolest and most memorable people are the people around me. My family and my real friends.

When you’re sitting on the porch age 97 what would you like to look back on and smile having achieved?

Well, first of all, I want to see my son growing up to be an incredible person, and help him to work on his own dreams and make them come true. Of course I want to live a happy life—and I want to leave my footprints in Hip-Hop music with my productions. That’s basically it. I really hope I’ll handle that until I’m 97 lol.

What has been your most memorable or inspirational gig and why?

There was this real big Hip-Hop Jam in the early 2000s, with some of the best European Hip Hop acts. This was the first time that I performed in front of thousands of people. It still gives me goose bumps when I think about it.

What has been your strangest celebrity encounter?

When I met Kool Herc..’nuff said!

Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

My perfect dinner guest? Preemo, no doubt. He’s the one who produced the most Hip-Hop classics if you ask me. I guess we would just skip dinner and do a beat session instead…haha.

What are the greatest songs, albums, books, movies, TV shows, websites you’ve ever come across?

• Songs: Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones,” Grand Master Flash – “The Message,” Public Enemy – “Night of the Living Baseheads”

• Movies: Oldboy

• TV Shows: I’m not so much into TV shows, I actually don´t watch any of them.

• Websites: I like online magazines and blogs who support good Hip-Hop with a focus on quality. Especially for people who aren’t so much into diggin’ music or don’t have time. The Word Is Bond is perfect. Mags like that keep them updated all the time with good content.

Name 5 songs (yours excluded) that we would expect to find on your iPod or Music Player

• Elzhi – “February”

• Step Brothers – “Step Masters”

• Roc Marciano – “Emeralds”

• Roc Marciano – “Thug´s Prayer”

• Verbal Kent – “Beast Mode”

What special-hero type skills are you blessed with?

Watch the “Rapper Shot” video. There you will see it.

Where can everyone reading this interview keep up with your adventures?

Check me out on my social medias…

• Twitter:

• Facebook:

Any final thoughts?

Just a bit of cheesy advise here, but after more than 20 years in this Hip Hop scene, just be yourself. Don´t just think about how to use your craft as en ends to make money. Make music from your heart. One.

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Check Out Some Solid Joints From Superior‘s vast discography below.

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