Pittsburgh-based songwriter Valeree makes her debut on TWIB with a soul-gripping piece entitled “Dive” that showcases her unique vocal style. The track has a nice mix of edgy R&B, soul, and blues-rock vibes that really stands out and separates Valeree from the pack. Backed by the engulfing backdrop, she delivers an emotional and powerful performance that dives (no pun intended) deep into her vulnerability. She doesn’t pull back the punches and gives the listener a full range of emotions that they can truly latch on to.


Known as Valeree, 24-year-old unsigned artist Megan Mortensen hails originally from Pittsburgh, PA; citing influences such as Etta James and Otis Redding to modern artists such as Amy Winehouse and R&B artist H.E.R. Valeree grew up performing in various settings from the age of six, from musical theater to local showcases. At the age of sixteen, Valeree faced struggles with substance abuse issues and spent her late teens into early adulthood in and out of rehabilitation facilities in the Los Angeles area. Throughout that time, she played gigs around Los Angeles under a different pseudonym and turned to writing songs as a form of therapeutic self-reflection and an outlet for her struggles with substance abuse, heartache, and trauma; thereby discovering her true passion for writing and performing original music. At 23, she began collaborating with songwriter Adam Allison to write her first project under stage name Valeree, a five-song EP expected to debut in January 2020. Together they wrote her upcoming single “Masochist”, a soulful doo-wop throwback tune with a modern twist, which blends together her struggles with substance abuse and her cyclical behaviors in romantic relationships.


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