Sup everyone…came here today to welcome our 2nd adittion to the WIB fam….Patrick.

Patrick has decided to join us as a News Editor, making that a team of 2 together with Heraldo.

Patrick has been a blogger for a while now, and as been running his own blog Hip Hop 4 the People for over a year and a half now, he has extensive knowledge of undeground hiphop, and has featured some great artists interviews, the lastest one being with our own Bob42jh.

Between Bob, Ben & myself we’ve been covering a lot of album releases and have been posting new music daily as you all know…But we always felt that news, events & general thoughts about the music industry, was a big part missing from our goal. Now, with Heraldo and Patrick on board we are more confident than ever, that you guys (the readers) will get that…with a lot style too.

This is another big step to continue to publish and inform about the best of the best on this underground Hip Hop sphere.

Patrick will be our last addition for a while now, we believe that with everyone we have on board, we can manage things much better and as a result…you… the reader, can be more in sync and informed about what’s happening & when.

Feel free to extend you welcome to Patrick.

@Patrick: From everyone in the WIB fam including myself….welcome homie. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Peace & Blessings


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