Peace ya’ll

Came here with the most exciting news since our inception, we are soon dropping a new website, for you all to enjoy, and it’s something that will take WIB from 10 to 100.

When I first started WIB back at the end of 2009, I didn’t even imagined that one day, we would have half as many readers as we have today…we’ve been blessed with rapid growth and faithful readership…… the website at the moment it’s pretty much the same as 2 years ago…it has been patched and re-patched to try and meet demand. But we are getting to a point where things are getting too messy, and mid last year it was time to start from scratch and re-think Word Is Bond, as a future proof website.

Enter Word Is Bond V.2.0..a MUCH better experience, where accessing audio, video or articles will be a breeze, many ways to navigate and spread the word, better community tools, so people can comment and debate more openly.

We’ve been working on WIB 2.0 for over 6 months now, pretty much 24/7 trying to think of ways to improve everything, from the biggest to the smallest detail. And most importantly….I think you’ll like the new look. Cleaner and meaner.

If you have been following WIB, you know that we take pride in ORIGINALITY and QUALITY over EVERYTHING, WIB 2.0 will stamp that down, like nothing else that we’ve done before. We are REALLY proud of what we have achieved so far. And can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store.

Overall we believe that it will shine an even brighter light on underground Hip Hop. And it will be a much better platform for underground artists to expose their work.

WIB 2.0 will be officially out on 16 to 20 of April.  And for the first time ever…We will be offline from the 1st of April until the Grand Opening. To allow for smooth transitioning.

And advance major MAJOR!! shout out to our coder wonder WIZARD Andrei Luca for all the amazing work he has been doing on the site. He is the main reason why WIB will rock your boots. If you looking for a quality WordPress website coder, I doubt you’ll find a better one!

Hope you are as excited as we are.

Peace & Bless


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