Peace everyone…it’s been a minute since I’ve done an update, sorry about that. Life has been getting in the way for the past couple of months. But now I am back full speed and ready to take things to a new level. As we do.

So, we’ve had a few additions to the team over the past 4 months, and since I haven’t introduced anyone, I’ll do it all togehther now. It might sound like we adding a lot of people, but bare in mind that unfotunately we’ve lost a few good people as well. We are very selective when it comes to choosing people to join the WIB fam, the taste in music and work ethic all count massively. So we proudly announce 4 new members to the team.

So first, please welcome With…our news editor. With, AKA Sean is in charge of our Daily News, I am sure you guys picked up on the new category, and Sean has been doing a great work at finding the best news the web has to offer, Hip Hop related and has been sharing it with you pretty much on a daily basis.

Also joining us is Mrs 9Th Wonder…. Mrs 9th wonder has a very popular YouTube channel and she has great taste in music. Being Canadian she has been sharing a lot of Canadian goodness for the past couple of months, and there’s much more to come as we go along. Canada has a lot of talent worth spreading and we want to be in the forefront of it.

DJ A UP is joining from Manchester city – UK, a very dope DJ, great party host and blogger aficionado…it goes without saying that A Up will deliver on the regular the best the underground has to offer.

Last but definately not least, please welcome Akkee AKA Akiko…from Japan. Akkee, is the founder and editor in chief of Japanese popular blog Yappari Hip Hop she has been doing an amazing job, at sharing news over there, and we’ve maintained contact since WIB’s early days. To our delight she has accepted to join the team and sharing the best of the best from Japan, on a weekly basis. We know that we have a strong Japanese following, and it was about time we added someone living and breathing that creative Japanese air, to share with ya’ll what’s new first hand.

To close I must remind everyone that, the 26th of this month marks our 2nd  Anniversary, we are preparing something special for ya’ll…keep it locked for more.

As always thanks so much for your readership.


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