Peace Y’all…

The Underground Chronicles seem to be getting better & better by the month, and this month is no exception…

As mentioned before, both Random & K-Murdock will be on the “Bits & Rhymes Tour” from this thursday 11th of november until the end of the month, touring the south of the US, from Florida to Arizona and anywhere in between. This is largely due to their success with the dope “Forever Famicom” album.

They will be performing live, for the fans rejoice, on that true old school sense of a live Dj and an MC, performing an Ill double punch.

I am sicked to tell you all, that both Random & K will join us for the whole month of November for the Chronicles.

Whilst on the Bits & Rhymes Tour They will be doing video blogs, pics and maybe other goodies for ya’ll to share the experience of their life on the road.

Hope this gets you all, as excited as we are about this month’s Chronicles.

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on the previous Underground Chronicles and support both Random & K on the tour, by attending or donating

Thanks to you all, for all the support and love on the Chronicles, we’ll keep on trying our best to make them better & more entertaining.



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