I’ve been blogging for over a year and a half now using my own creation entitled “Hip-Hop 4 The People”. As a fan of underground hip-hop and the music in general, I set about creating a blog which people could follow to get the best in progressive hip-hop. As time went on I was privileged to get the support of some of the best underground artists including Raashan Ahmad, Panacea, Homecut and Pack FM. Many of whom recorded videos for me and conducted interviews. My ideas were more about changing the way people saw hip-hop rather than offering free downloads.

I wanted to open up minds to the dark side of the music industry and the dope artists which never saw the light of day. Although i achieved quite a lot in a short period of time I’ve decided to join what i believe is one the best emerging underground sites. As part of a team of dedicated writers i believe “Word Is Bond” can go to the next level which most blogs hope to reach. Hopefully, we can build a community of fans to join the movement and the artists we love can gain the support they deserve. Everything we do here is in the name of progression and creativity, we know you’ll enjoy it!

Peace – Paddy.

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