Peace everyone…

A few months back I told you all, that we had a little something cooking behind closed doors.

Well after a whole lot of work, we can finally unveil, what this was.

If you follow WIB on the regular you know that we post lyrical work as much as producer work. Over the past few months, of posting the best of the underground, we managed to gather contacts with some real talented people. After much thinking and brainstorming on how to bring inovative content to our readers, we came up with Word Is Bond VS.

On these Versus…where will get a producer and a MC that we believe are equally dope and get them to work with each other for one track exclusively for us.

This is reminiscent of that healthy competitive spirit from way back, that if you thought you where nice, you had to prove your skills.

The first bout will be Colin Dunbar Vs. PyInfamous…we will post it tomorrow morning, but I can say it right now…expect nothing but dopeness.

We have a few other collabs in the works as we speak, we will post them as soon as they come in.

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Peace & Blessings


Photography by strangemuse

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