U.G. brandishes the visuals for his previously released single “The Mystic“. U.G. keeps it simple and engaging with the “in your face style” visuals courtesy of directors IDE and Jise (of the Arsonists fame). His raw style and upbeat movements are replicated by the special effects and jagged camera movements which seem to move at his command.

Hit the play button and get familiar and also  head over to iTunes and pre-order U.G.’s long awaited debut, Portals, which drops Oct. 21 via Creative Juices Music. If you’d like to own the album in the physical form, head over to CreativeJuicesMusic.com, where you could also pre-order the ‘Portals Package Deal’ which includes the CD, Bonus CD (album instrumentals and four non album tracks), cassette tape, t-shirt, stickers, and a signed poster, all for just $45.


• iTunes: bit.ly/iTunesPortals

• Package Deal: http://bit.ly/PortalsPackageDeal

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