The 90s will forever hold a special place in my heart with regards to Hip-Hop. No matter how huge the new age  producers make their 808s and whatnot, that grit and dirt emanating from the boom bap sound will always stand out. The beauty of Hip-Hop that I feel we are somewhat lacking nowadays is the imperfection. It’s like everything is just too clean and crisp and perfect and super glossy.

Anyway, this new slapper titled “Cross fire” from Defiant III took me back to twin deck stereos, Maxwell 90 minute cassette tapes (curses to those that borrow tapes and never return them) and the almighty boom in the bap. Defiant III is a three man posse consisting of IDE,  Alucard, and Jise One. The trio are currently prepping a full length project titled Purge Season and Crossfire is the first single showcasing that chest bursting, face sliming hip-hop that is quite needed in these times.

Crossfire can be streamed and downloaded for free vis soundcloud.  Say no more and get it right away.


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