Toronto Ontario born rapper Swiss OG hit us up with three songs from his stash. Some of the songs are older than each other and showcase the rapper’s conscious and insightful writing over contemporary hip-hop beats.

The first cut titled “I’m The Best” sees him teaming with producer Easy Street Music who crafts a guitar-laden soothing backdrop for the rapper. Bolstered by the smooth vibes, he proceeds to share his thoughts on being the best in what he does. He showcases his go-getter mindset and gives the listener an uplifting message about being at the top of their game regardless of what people say. The song comes with a crisp visual courtesy of Prince Productions.

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Swiss OG switches the vibe on the second track titled “Only High Grade.” The track sees him teaming up with Fire Chess and the duo head down to the beautiful island of Jamaica to get that organic therapy that can’t be gotten anywhere else. The track has a surreal, psychedelic feel that matches Fire Chess’s lush melodic runs and OG’s passionate drawl.

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The final song we got from OG is the heartfelt and reflective tune titled “I Just Wanna Fly Away” and this time he teams up with Aktual who helps him out on the chorus. The track has a laidback and somewhat somber mood that serves as the perfect backdrop for OG’s insightful lyrics. OG takes time to pay homage to his late father and all his loved ones.


Aside from being a Hip Hop artist, with hard work & the belief of Investors, Swiss is now CEO of his own label DSD1 Records. He will be looking to take on new artists to the label in the near future but for now he is focusing all his energy on building his label, helping his family, giving back to his community. Swiss O.G. will soon release his much anticipated Album “The Game Is All I Know” with countless West Coast Legend collaboration. A family man first, a business man second and an artist to his core Swiss has sacrificed and is working hard to make his dreams come to life.

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