The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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JRoberts – “Make It In the Ville” (feat. Tone Spliff)

JRoberts help opens up the list with “Make It In the Ville”, a dark cinematic track that sees him teaming up with Tone Spliff. Over JRoberts gloomy soundscape the emcee pulls out the big guns and deliver bravado-laden lyrics packed with wit, wordplay and vivid rhyme schemes.

PAST/TENSE – “Lose It All”

Artist/producer PAST/TENSE shares his song “Lose It All” on our list. Bolstered by a solemn and somewhat sombre backdrop, he delivers a revealing and heartfelt performance ripe with emotion and evocative lyrics that dwell on taking the right step and leaving the negative elements behind.

Pure Dose – “The One” ft. (Soulj)

San Diego, California-based rapper Pure Dose teams up with fellow rapper Soulj for this adulation-filled summer jam titled “The One”. Over the uplifting and soulful backdrop, the emcees reflect respectively on the ladies that cuaght their eye and how thye might be the one.


Christopher St. Mitchell – “Southbound”

“Southbound” is the new record from emerging rapper/songwriter Christopher St. Mitchell. Blending live instrumentation with pop and hip-hop elements, the rapper delivers a commanding performance ripe with bravado and lyrics that grips listeners with it’s unapologetic and candid demeanour.

Nikki Taylor Vibe – “Fake Luv”


Long Island, NY-raised singer/songwriter Nikki Taylor Vibe delivers this heartfelt single titled “Fake Luv”. The song is as reflective as they come and is made up of punchy drums and moody textures underpinned by Nikki’s sultry melodic runs and unapologetic demeanour. The song dwells on finding ones self worth within a flaky relationship and ultimately questioning the veracity of the so-called love.

L.R – “Get sumthing”

L.R comes through with his new single “Get sumthing”, a guitar-laden track that sees the rapper sharing his thoughts on having a solid work ethic and staying focused on one’s goals.





DemarcoTheMan – “Xotel Rooms”

DemarcoTheMan returns to our list with “Xotel Rooms”, which shows him in a different view. Over a retro R&B sample and mellow drums, he shares a handful of stories and experiences that made him who he is.


C.A. Brown – “Legendary”

Chicago Heights, IL raised emcee C.A. Brown shows why he is “Legendary” in his new single. The production is anthemic and the soulful Marvin Gaye sample sure gives it a unique touch. Brown doesn’t hold back and delivers a fiery performance ripe with vivid lyricism and intense lyricism.



Eclipseye – “Hymn of Hypocrisy (Rap Comedy) – Radio Edit”

UK emcee Eclipseye gets into the political sphere in his new single “Hymn of Hypocrisy (Rap Comedy) which sees him making fun of the UK government’s numerous political controversies in a witty and comedic manner. Over a haunting and dark backdrop, he delivers fast-paced rhymes with tongue-in-cheek and vivid style.

N.O.K. – “Look Me in My Eyes”

Phoenix hip-hop artist/video director N.O.K. makes his entry on our list with his new single titled “Look Me in My Eyes”. Over a sombre and eclectic backdrop, he delivers bravado-laced raps with a commanding vocal tone.
N.O.K. is currently dropping his latest project Diary of a Lyricist on November 1st on all platforms.

Jeopardy J x Kocaine kay – “You Said”

North Carolina Artist Jeopardy J and his cousin Kocaine kay team up for “You Said”. The reflective record sees both emcees give their take on broken friendship and how it changes everything. Jeopardy opens up with his high-pitched vocals and revealing bars followed by Kocaine’s gruff and commanding vocals. This song is part of ghetto therapy a new album released 9/16/22.

Mike O’Leary – “FALL BACK PLAN”

“FALL BACK PLAN” is a reflective and heartfelt record from emerging emcee Mike O’Leary. Backed by smooth sombre pianos, moody strings and punchy drums, Mike gives us a peek glimpse into his life, the ups and downs and the many characters who add colour to his life as he continues on the road to his dreams.

IAMMAG – “Asshole”

IAMMAG comes through blazing with “Asshole”, a perfect anthem for the alpha male. Over a bouncy and cinematic backdrop, he lays down the law for anyone who might be trying to test him.

LaRue – “SADCLOUD.jpg”

LaRue’s “SADCLOUD.jpg” dwells on taking time to cultivate one’s inner energy and passion. The music production is moody and solemn and LaRue’s insightful bars are candid and heartfelt.

Strixx – “Every Step”

Strixx showcases his rap prowess in the new single “Every Step”. The track has a moody and sparse backdrop and sees the rapper in bravado mode as he details his journey through daily hurdles and naysayers who attempt to derail him from his true goals.

Teezy’s Universe – “DREAMER”

Emerging rapper Teezy’s Universe’s single “DREAMER” is a mellow reflective tune that details his daily struggles and dreams of making it beyond the cycle of a mundane 9 to 5. Over a soulful and dreamy backdrop, he paints vivid pictures and gives listeners an aspirational-filled performance that implores us to try to live our dreams.

Connor Terrones – “Prisoner”

Connor Terrones‘s “Prisoner” is a heartfelt and unique take on the dynamics of love, heartbreak and resolution. Over a bouncy and lush backdrop, Connor muses on his past love and if they will ever go back to how things were before.

Bass DAlingo – “Live from Da Tabernacle”

Singer and songwriter Bass DAlingo makes his entrance on our list with “Live from Da Tabernacle”, the anthemic tune sees the rapper musing about living on a worldly path and the essence of spirituality. He makes use of a dark cinematic backdrop to juxtapose both conflicting lifestyles and how many tend to lose their soul just to live their dreams.

Jirias – “Too Closed Off”

Jirias‘s newest release “Too Closed Off” is an experimental piece that showcases his versatility. Over an ethereal and atmospheric backdrop made up of soft drums, sublime violin strings and pads, he delivers an airy melodic performance ripe with stream-of-consciousness vibes.

Bravy – “Understand”

New Haven, CT-based rapper Bravy pours his heart on wax in his new single “Understand”. The sombre track sees Bravy detail the daily struggles he faces in his neighbourhood. From police brutality, lack of opportunities and family pressures, he runs through the emotions and the eternal quest to find the answers to life’s problems.

O’Mega Red – “Home Sweet Home”

O’Mega Red teams up with Grammy winner 88-Keys on his new single “Home Sweet Home featuring singer Wednesday. The track is a heartfelt track that dwells on self-growth and breaking away from folks with the crabs in a barrel mentality. He shows us that his past will always inform who he is but he knows he has to leave it behind in order for his dreams to survive.

Belaganas – “Cresco”

Belaganas makes his entry on our list with “Cresco”, a feel-good summer jam that dwells on finding the good in any situation and growing from it. The production is smooth and bouncy and the melodic flow is engaging from start to finish

LoudChief x Samil – “Breathe Easy”


Grand Rapids, Michigan producer/DJ Samil and emcee LoudChief have teamed up for this lyric-laden track titled “Breathe Easy“. The track is about the importance of taking the time to breathe and recalibrate in the face of daily struggles. This is the duo’s first single from their upcoming full-length project.

LoudChief (aka A1) is an emcee from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Illustrating timeless music through rhyme form in an effort to captivate as well as influence the culture. He has shared stages with names such as Nas, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Curren$y, Rick Ross, Dave East and more. Born in Paterson, New Jersey Samil is a producer/multi-instrumentalist now based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since his debut instrumental album release in 2018 he has slowly become one of the most sought after producers in the underground Hip-Hop scene.

Trizz x Mike Summers – “BLESS THE DEAD” (feat. T.F, ICECOLDBISHOP & Bale)

“BLESS THE DEAD” is the latest release from Inland Empire/Los Angeles rapper Trizz and producer MIKE SUMMERS. The record has a sombre and moody vibe and the rappers share some heartfelt stories of the streets and the craziness they had to face to survive every day. The track sees them teaming up with T.F, ICECOLDBISHOP and Bale who all add their own candid stories on wax. “BLESS THE DEAD” is taken from Trizz and MIKE SUMMERS’ new album BASELINE CAVI which is available today


Uncle Fester x Moka Only x Ambeez – “Finish Line”


Halifax Hip-Hop veteran DJ Uncle Fester links with the legendary Moka Only and Ambeez for “Finish Line”. Over a laidback and reflective backdrop, the emcees deliver a reflective and bravado-driven performance that loves of rap would appreciate.
Finish Line” is taken from Ambeez and Uncle Fester’s forthcoming album Enjoy.


Taz Conley x Boy Deluxe – “OG Bang”


Indie rapper Taz Conley teams up with fellow emcee Boy Deluxe for “OG Bang”, a hard-hitting jam that showcases their respective rap prowess. The beat is punchy and dynamic and the raps are fiery from start to finish.

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