The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Akanimo – “Relaxation Electric”


Akanimo opens up the list with “Relaxation Electric” a mellow soulful feel-good jam that showcases his vivid lyricism and retro-inspired style.

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Sam Nabi – “Weary”

“Weary” is the first single off Sam Nabi’s forthcoming EP, Out of Body. The track is bolstered by a moody and mellow backdrop which fits Nabi’s solemn and reflective thoughts.



RealE – “Forever Celestial”


RealE‘s newest release “Forever Celestial” is a moody string-laden piece ripe with his unique flow and vivid lyricism. He brings a blend of bravado and insightful elements.

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Stephen King – “Soul Is Heavy”

Irish rapper Stephen King shares this reflective and insightful record titled “Soul Is Heavy” which dives into real-time issues from social-political turmoil and its effects on the larger society.



Oliver / Aberson – “look Inside”


Musical duo Oliver/Aberson return to our list with “look Inside.” A mellow and soul gripping track ripe with soothing textures and hypnotic melodic runs.

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Jance – “Last Dance”


Jance dive into the concept of love lost in “Last Dance.” The backdrop used here flips a classic R&B sample which fits the heartfelt and somber lyrics that detail the journey of a man on his mission while trying to keep the love intact.

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Space – “One Thing”


West London emcee Space’s “One Thing” is a playful twist on the stereotype of girls always wanting romantic relationships while guys are only looking for “one thing.” Over a soulful backdrop, Space makes fun of the situation by detailing the tale of a man in love but the lady only wants one thing.


Skipp Whitman x Animalmilk! x Emmitt James – “LOL”


Skipp Whitman connects with Animalmilk! and Emmitt James for this feel-good track titled “LOL.” Over a mellow jazz-infused backdrop, the emcees deliver a plethora of unique styles from weird references and off-kilter choppy flows.

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CC – “NewMan Freestyle”


CC taps into the spirit of 90s hip hop in his new single “NewMan Freestyle.” Where he rocks over a dusty boom-bap backdrop and delivers a laidback and engaging performance ripe with bravado and some insight.

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bRavenous – “Same Old Relationship”


Emerging rapper bRavenous showcases his unique lyrical style in his new release “Same Old Relationship” He makes use of a soulful sample and anthemic horns to good use and throws in an excellent scratched chorus to match.

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Dango Forlaine – “Mazmanadium”


Dango Forlaine makes his entry into our list with his newest release “Mazmanadium” He makes use of a moody and cinematic backdrop to deliver an engaging and gripping performance ripe with off-kilter lyrics.

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Jonathan Cardenas – “Mind State”


Emerging rapper Jonathan Cardenas takes us deep into his “Mind State” Over a trippy and gloomy backdrop, he shows us what really goes on in his mind and his journey towards success.


Showrocka x Tragedy Khadafi – “CT to QB”

Showrocka teams up with veteran emcee Tragedy Khadafi for this bi-coastal collaboration titled “CT to QB”
Over a dark grimy backdrop, both emcees proceed to wreak havoc on the microphone with their vivid rap imagery and uber-bravado style while representing their respective stomping grounds. An interesting fact about this song is that it began as a rap contest from producer Dox Boogie, whereby the winner would get a Tragedy featured verse. After winning the contest Showrocka was informed a few days later that producer Dox Boogie suddenly passed away and the song wouldn’t be made. Six months later while backstage at a concert in Queens, however, Showrocka ran into tragedy Khadafi and told him this story. The rest was history in the form of “CT to QB.” The song that was destined to be made. R.I.P Dox Boogie.

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MED, Koncept Jack$on, Bane Capital – “New Skeezer (Hot Sauce)”

Toronto-based producer duo Bane Capital team up with veteran emcee MED and Virginia rapper Koncept Jack$on for this solid collaboration titled “New Skeezer (Hot Sauce).” The record is a pure display of lyricism and rhyme schemes from MED and Koncept Jack$on. Both emcees bring their unique styles to the forefront with vivid storytelling and engaging cadences. “New Skeezer,” is a single from he and Toronto-based producer duo Bane Capital’s upcoming Good Product LP. The album features Raekwon, Rome Streetz, MED, Fly Anakin & ANKHLEJOHN.

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Vaindi x Aylin – “Infernum”

Vaindi teams up with vocalist Aylin for this dark-pop-r&b infused record titled “Infernum.” The record dwells on women finding strength in the midst of misogyny and sexism. Aylin delivers an impassioned performance with an unapologetic demeanor and heartfelt songwriting. Vaindi and Aylin created this song as a response to the need to change the narrative in the spaces where females are oppressed and silenced, like the music industry, toxic relationships, and even the average workplace.


Jared Matthew – “Cham-pain.”

Jared Matthew pours his heart out in “Cham-pain.” A piano-laden piece that dives into his personal struggles as he runs through heartbreak, betrayal, and finding unexpected success through all the madness.

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Mr.Oddzo and Padre Tóxico – “It’s All Gravy”


Mr.Oddzo and Padre Tóxico let us know “It’s All Gravy” in this new collaboration. Over a bouncy exotic backdrop provided by Padre Tóxico, Mr.Oddzo delivers a solid performance ripe with varied rhyme schemes and vivid lyrical stylings.

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B Live ft Becky Hill & JME – “Don’t Know About You”

B Live links with Becky Hill and veteran Grime emcee JME for this energetic UKG produced banger titled “Don’t Know About You.” Becky Hill opens it up with a gripping melodic hook followed by B Live’s commanding vocals and bravado raps. JME joins the fray with his laidback OG flow to wrap it up.

Johnny Blanco x B-Phonicz – “BLANCO’S REVENGE”


Johnny Blanco and B-Phonicz deliver an impassioned and somewhat off-kilter track titled “BLANCO’S REVENGE” on our playlist. Over a dark texture and non-traditional drums, the emcee switches up his cadence at will and pepper them with vivid and graphic rap verses. B-Phonicz also comes through with his own input with his laidback flow.

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Media Arts Geniuses x Cory Br0wn x Cameron Isaiah x ReneaNicole x LaykB x Haley Jai – “Better Dayz”

Media Arts Geniuses brings the talents of Cory Br0wn, Cameron Isaiah, ReneaNicole , LaykB, and Haley Jai to the forefront in this uplifting single titled “Better Dayz.” Backed by a soulful and groovy backdrop the artists share their thoughts on the daily struggles they face and the need to keep one’s head up in order to overcome it all. This track is pure positive vibes on wax. Life gets tough and once and a while we all need that reminder struggle is temporary.

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Marty Rantzen x Los from the BX – “Windows”

“Windows” is a reflective and heartfelt single from Marty Rantzen who teams up with Los from the BX. The track has a moody and solemn texture and is ripe with insightful lyrics that dwell into the dynamics of relationships.
Windows is the first of the three songs that would be released from him.

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Jeb Ross – “The messenger”

Emerging rapper Jeb Ross closes the list with his debut single “The messenger” the reflective song gives listeners a glimpse into Ross’ life from his humble background and the current socio-political situation in Australia.
It’s quite thought-provoking, insightful, and poignant.

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