We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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CW Allen -“Make It”


Cleveland, Ohio raised artist CW Allen shares an uplifting record ” Make It” that sees him working with current NBC Voice contestant Darious Lyles. backed by a soulful backdrop courtesy of Cleveland producer FConTheBeat, Allen delivers the universal message of positive reinforcement and encouragement despite the odds around us.
“Make It” is the third single from Allen’s latest album “Catalyst” which was released on Good Friday, April 10, 2020.
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LOSTPOET – “Stay Alive” (feat Mr Ripley)

LostPoet and Mr. Ripley give their own perspective on the current state of affairs. Over a gripping cinematic backdrop courtesy of Shar the Analog Bastard, both emcees dive into real-time issues and how politics truly affects us all.
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Jasheed – “Lets Evolve”


Emerging emcee Jasheed dives into his past and growth on “Lets Evolve.” Backed by a jazzy backdrop, the emcee takes us down memory lane and reveals some interesting facts about his childhood and personality.


Far I – “Tupac Shakur”


Netherlands emcee Far I is rap vert and founder of HardHeaderz who has been doing his thing for years now. On his new release “Tupac Shakur” he reflects on his childhood traumas and loss of loved ones. The solemn track is produced by Smwhereat4am. The visual is quite expressive and follows the rapper as he seeks balance and inner light. Fun fact: The song is named Tupac Shakur because of the “Dear Mama” reference in the lyrics.
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Armed Rhymery – “Melanin Drip”


South Louisiana based Hip-Hop duo Armed Rhymery drop their new track “Melanin Drip.” An upbeat banger laced with insightful lyrics and a whole lot of bravado. The duo is made up of Lafayette native, Kween Mo, and New Orleans native, Edward X who both bring a refreshing vibe to the forefront as they celebrate black culture and resilience despite the adversities they face.
The track is featured on Pharrell‘s label/brand I am OTHER for their album i am OTHER Vol. 2.
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B-boy Fidget – “So Broke”


rapper/producer/Bboy B-boy Fidget shares “So Broke” from his new album No Compromise. The track has a bouncy groove and fits the rapper’s reflective lyrics and outlook on life and how things have changed.
The visual is quite engaging too and splices performance shots of the rapper with protestors, cops, and much more.


Tay Solo – “Must Be A Reason” (Prod. ThatKidGoran)


Emerging emcee Tay Solo‘s “Must Be A Reason” is a solemn, insightful song that is quite relatable and heartfelt too. Backed by a soulful and moody backdrop he describes his life in the summary and hopes things turn out fine a the very end.



JusKoLMeaL – “Gansta or Goon”


JusKoLMeaL hit the playlist with a hard-hitting street banger titled “Gansta or Goon.” The cinematic backdrop is produced by JimmyDukes and really fits the rapper’s vivid lyrics and passionate performance.


Redhaze – “Ride In the Whip”

Redhaze ‘s “Ride In the Whip” is a laidback feel-good jam that we all can rock to. The soul-jazz texture is as soothing as they come and fit Redhaze’s fiery performance and bravado laced lyrics.
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K.M. – “Can I Holla At Ya (2020)”


Emerging emcee K.M. shares a tale of old love on his new single “Can I Holla At Ya (2020).” Bolstered by a solemn texture, he takes us back to his own stomping grounds after been gone for a while and meeting his old flame for a simple talk and nothing else. It’s quite very relatable and heartwarming. The title and chorus is a play on J. Cole‘s classic “Can I Holla At Ya”. Enjoy.
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Ant Stephens – “Let Me Show You”


Ant Stephens leaves no stone unturned on his new single “Let Me Show You.” An anthemic cut that dives into what really makes artists go the whole nine in this music industry.
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WeSingCin – “Liberty St.”

WeSingCin‘s “Liberty St.” is a personal track that dives into the rapper’s inner demons and vices ranging from self-doubts, a fledgling relationship, and a drinking problem. he makes use of a laidback, somber backdrop as his canvas and delivers an emotional performance that we all can relate to.
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dezabel x Ben Botfield x Frische Fische – “Somebody – Unplugged”


“Somebody – Unplugged” is a soulful collaboration between dezabel , UK-based singer/songwriter Ben Botfield, and Swiss-based Jazz-Funk band  Frische Fische. The live rendition is quite rousing and emotional punchy too and really delivers a solid soul gripping jam.
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Quincy Valentine – “Daydreams”

Quincy Valentine‘s “Daydreams” is the follow up single to “‘Like You Do” and continues the rapper’s knack for making use of jazz-infused soulful backdrops. He takes time to detail a blossoming love and all the emotions that come with it.
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AWON x BluntOne x A N T I T H E S I S – “Timing (Bonus)”


” Timing (Bonus)” is a collaboration by rapper/MC, AWON, lo-fi beats producer, BluntOne, and piano project, A N T I T H E S I S. The laidback piano-driven jam is chock full of insightful lyrics laced with real-time perspectives. The track was previously released as a piano record and then as a lo-fi beat, instrumental record.



Jukebox x A-F-R-O – “Raise the Dead”


“Raise the Dead” is a gritty boom-bap collaboration between Jukebox and A-F-R-O. The backdrop is somber and somewhat lethargic but Jukebox and A-F-R-O’s energetic performance adds a whole new feel to it.
The song is all about waking up rap fans who took a deep sleep listening to wack music.
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