Sheffield-based artist Franz Von,  and his 5-piece band bring their artistry to our view with this live session of his song “Power Be You.” The conscious record tackles real-time issues ranging from systemic oppression, disenfranchisement, and the need for the masses to channel their own inner strength to rise above the shackles of the powers that be. The production is anthemic and brings a wide array of styles to the fore, from jazz, dub, hip-hop, soul, and Afrocentric elements which blends perfectly with Franz Von’s commanding vocals and profound lyrical stylings.

The live session is shot by Freddie Kofi / We Move Pictures.

Listen/Stream “Power Be You ” here.

The musicians in the band are 

George Macdonald – KEYS

Matias Reed – GUITAR

Owen Burns – BASS

Azizi Cole – DRUMS

Stuart Wilson – TRUMPET


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