We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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Roving Jewel – “The Theme” (feat. Prodigal Sunn).

Sacramento, California based producer Roving Jewel teams up with Wu-Tang affiliate and Sunz of Man member Prodigal Sunn for an insightful track titled “The Theme.” Bolstered by Roving Jewel’s dark cinematic texture, Prodigal Sunn delivers a solid performance laced with vivid imagery and thought-provoking lyrics about the state of the US and how black people have come out the bottom.
Roving Jewel’s newest release is titled The 38th Expansion.
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Raslock – “Unity”


Hannover-based Rapper Raslock spreads hope and “Unity” on his new track. Fusing hip-hop and reggae sensibilities, he exposes the underhanded moves of the system and how it tries to keep its knees on the downtrodden. He delivers a very insightful message that we all can relate to. The instrumental was produced by Mohjay da Producer, Guitar by Achkar.



Gabby Onme – “Killmyselfforyou”


Gabby Onme shares her innermost fears on a struggling relationship on his new single “Killmyselfforyou.”From the moody solemn texture and reflective performance, Onme sure dives deep into the darkest parts of a relationship gone sour.
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Malik Pollux – “Computerized Love”

NJ based rapper Malik Pollux come through the list with his new single titled “Computerized Love.” He makes use of a moody solemn texture to share his experiences with various women. It’s quite relatable and somewhat reflective too.



Harry Crane – “Patience”

UK emcee Harry Crane delivers his new single “Patience” that sees him digging deep into life as it is. Backed by a smooth jazz-soul infused backdrop, he gives us a glimpse into his journey thus far.
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Sadizzy – “My Hype”


Manchester, England based rapper/producer Sadizzy showcases his production and rapping proficiency on his new track “My Hype.” The track has an upbeat boom-bap bounce laced with solid basslines, scratches, and of course his fiery flow.



Smyle and Wyrd x Jakprogresso – “In Heaven”

Smyle and Wyrd team up with Jakprogresso for this gritty collaboration titled “In Heaven.” The track is cinematic and dark and sure fits the off-the-cuff lyrics from the artists.
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DopeManDaye – “Word Is Bond”


DopeManDaye takes it back to dope lyrics and dope beats on his new single titled “Word Is Bond.” From the cinematic and heavy backdrop to the vivid lyrics and confident flow, he gives the listener that good old dopeness we all love.
“Word Is Bond” is taken from his latest EP, War Brings Casualties.
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Blakbarry – “Destiny”

Blakbarry switches up the vibe on the playlist with this experimental trap track titled “Destiny.” He delivers a carefree and fiery performance over the somewhat engulfing backdrop.



NineFingers – “Summer Symphony”

NineFingers‘ “Summer Symphony” is a hearty summer tinged track about app dating. It focuses in particular on the Tinder app and sees NineFingers sharing his experiences with women on the app. It’s quite relatable, hilarious, and honest.
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SOBERDOOM – “Half Cocked 40”


SOBERDOOM delivers something off the cuff on his new single “Half Cocked 40.” Backed by a cinematic texture and heavy boom-bap drums, he takes it to the cops trying to take him down. The track makes use of MF Doom’s DOOM BOT vocals. The animated visual is solid too.
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L.I.R.A – “P.P.P.P”



“P.P.P.P” is a solid lyric heavy single by emerging emcee L.I.R.A. He makes use of a booming backdrop for his vivid lyrics and fiery flow. L.I.R.A means Lyrically Infinite Relevant Art.



Nique – “The First”


Singer/songwriter Nique makes her first entry on our list with her new single “The First.” A moody reflective track that sees her focusing on love and a fledgling relationship. It’s quite honest and very reflective as she delivers a sultry and alluring melodic performance over the solemn backdrop. Nique is a native of Fort Lauderdale Florida, currently residing in Los Angeles.
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Smile4Me ReBoRN – “Night Terrors”

Smile4Me ReBoRN’s “Night Terrors” is a hard-hitting track that flips a familiar sample and turns it into something gripping from start to finish. The song sees the rapper dwell on the effects of depression, PTSD, insomnia can lead to a night of terror. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer





Helena Holleran – “This Life”


Helena Holleran delivers a heartfelt performance on her new single “This Life” The track takes elements from jazz, soul and hip-hop and also showcases Holleran’s fluid and alluring melodic style that is refreshing and gripping.
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KID TRAVIS – “Cry on” ….feat. Naomi Graye


KID TRAVIS close the playlist with “Cry on” that sees him teaming up with fellow singer Naomi Graye. Over lush guitars, smooth drum grooves, and the duo’s melodic runs, the track sure grips the soul

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