The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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John TR3 Pritchett – “Dimes”


Emerging rap artist John TR3 Pritchett shares a tale of struggles in his new single “Dimes”. The mellow and reflective tune dives deep into self-doubt, insecurities and childhood baggage plaguing an upcoming artist who is trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world.




Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample – “Gerry Cheevers”


Ol’ Gorilla Bones and The Dirty Sample share their new collaboration titled “Gerry Cheevers”. The gritty track is made up of a dusty soundscape made up of soft but crunchy boom-bap drums and a menacing synth while the raps are off-kilter and also pay homage to the two-time Stanley Cup winner with the Boston Bruins.




Nigel Xavier – “On Reincarnation”

Eclectic artist Nigel Xavier‘s new single “On Reincarnation” is a profound look into the delicate topic of death, rebirth and the never-ending struggle to find the true meaning of life. Bolstered by a sublime and atmospheric soundscape, he reflects on the effects of being controlled by external forces and the importance of being aware and making the right decisions to further one’s destiny.



Saynave x Altair Blake – “Money Talk”.


Saynave and Altair Blake give us their take on “Money Talk”, a smooth fusion of soul and hip-hop. The drum break is familiar and the lush textures add that nostalgic vibe while the well-crafted lyrics give listeners a profound look at life, money and intersectionality.


Femi – “What If”.


Washington, DC-based Nigerian American artist Femi gives us an insightful song in the form of his new single “What If” which details the feeling of regret after loss and the pain that comes with it. Over a lively and soulful backdrop, he tasks listeners through several what-if moments and the aftermath. This is quite engaging and the lyrics are detailed as well. “What If” is taken from his new concept album titled From 4C With Love.

Made Up Records – “Save Me”

Made Up Records, Hoofy Baby and Noah Sims team up for “Save Me”, a reflective love ballad that dives into the dynamics of true love. Backed by a soothing guitar-laden backdrop, the artists deliver soul-stirring performances ripe with soothing melodies and insightful lyrics.

Brandon Vee – “Grow In Love”.

Singer/songwriter Brandon Vee shares a heartfelt, love-laden track titled “Grow In Love”. Armed with his distinct melodic runs that take elements from R&B and hip-hop, the multi-faceted artist takes us deep into his emotions as he reflects on blossoming love and the essence of being true to one’s true love.

Zenodro – “Villain”


Rising New Jersey rapper Zenodro embodies the spirit of the “Villain” in his latest effort. Backed by the bass-heavy backdrop, he delivers hard-hitting bars and lyrics that pay homage to his integrity and hustle mentality




Micah Super x G Unit Capo – “Billy Jean”


Micah Super teams up with Capo ( of G-Unit fame) for his new single “Billy Jean”. The track is made up of a menacing and moody backdrop and showcases both rapper’s vivid lyricism and stylish flows that also dive into their respective lives.





S.D Flame – “Let My Moment Shine”.


Mississauga Ontario-based rapper S.D Flame implores the universe to “Let My Moment Shine” in his new single. The reflective song is heartfelt and honest as the rapper detail the daily struggles of the underdog who is overlooked by everyone but with his determination, he is bound to make it.


Bryson Williams – “Top Shelf”.

Emerging Charlotte-based rapper Bryson Williams aims for the “Top Shelf”. Over a soulful and nostalgic backdrop, he delivers a smooth blend of melodies and vivid lyricism that explore his life and struggles.



J. Reece – “It Ain’t Right”


J. Reece dives deep into the spirit of a hustler in his new single “It Ain’t Right”. Over the moody and ominous backdrop, he reminds us that he is always focused on his hustle and also shares the ugly tales of the ghetto where so many things can go wrong but the only way is to stay strong and push on.

Nigel Xavier – “On Tolerance”


Nigel Xavier pens an insightful ode to authenticity in his new single “On Tolerance”. The track is bolstered by a dreamy and cinematic soundscape and his heartfelt performance is ripe with emotion and relatable lyrics that also dwell on the willingness to take risks to achieve one’s goals.


Danny Ali – “MYSIDE”


Danny Ali drops this new song “MYSIDE” from his forthcoming album, Real Star. The bass-heavy track showcases his versatile flow where he merges soothing melodies with reflective lyrics. The record explores the concept of being unheard and misunderstood by the outside world but regardless he is not stopping or giving up.





Jomi – “CARDONA”


Northern California-raised rapper Jomi drops his new release “CARDONA” on our list. The track is as moody as they come and is made up of a sombre texture and lush guitars all underpinned by Jomi’s vivid lyricism. He makes use of layered vocal effects and emotionally punchy inflections to accentuate the concept of mentally resetting from all the inner demons and lingering baggage that might be holding one back.



Marcus “M-Positive” Parker – “Thank You”


MarcusM-PositiveParker delivers this uplifting tune titled “Thank You”. The song implores us to always show gratitude and show respect to those who play important roles in our lives. Over a mellow and sombre bass-heavy backdrop, Marcus shares an emotional tale that we all can relate to and grow on.




Cristine Capitulo – “I’ll Be the Fool”.

Cristine Capitulo is a Southern California Filipino Singer, Songwriter and Attorney who shares her new single “I’ll be the fool” with us. The track makes use of a soulful sample with punchy drums all underpinned by Cristine’s sultry melodic runs and heartfelt songwriting.





D. Mitchell – “Good Times”

Emerging rapper D. Mitchell looks back at “Good Times” in his new single. The soulful backdrop is underpinned by his detailed and reflective lyricism which dives into his youth and the many experiences that have helped shape who he is.




Chris Scalco – “Pick Up the Pieces”

Chris Scalco follows up his debut album Boy Bands & Boom Bap with a new single “Pick Up the Pieces”. The future funk/soul tune is ripe with lush guitar riffs, and explosive pads all underpinned by his soul-stirring vocal runs and heartfelt songwriting.

IreQ Savage – “The Future Is Alien”

Florida rapper IreQ Savage gives us a glimpse into the gloomy future in his new single titled “The Future Is Alien”. Over a playful and somewhat reflective backdrop, he traverses through the concept of technological advancement, existential dread, & self-image issues

Lord Neptune – “Cloud$” (feat. Rey Pe$o)

Producer Lord Neptune teams up with rapper Rey Pe$o for this new collaboration titled “Cloud$”. The track is a guitar-driven beat with 808 kicks and an engaging groove. “Cloud$ “aims to strike that perfect balance between a chill vibe to smoke and a spring/summer anthem.

ZENtheRapper – “Basquiat Inventions”

ZENtheRapper‘s “Basquiat Inventions” is a pure display of lyricism and style. Over a sombre piano-laden boom-bap backdrop, the emcee gives listeners a masterclass into his lyrical style.

Levi Deadman – “Nostalgia”.

Levi Deadman takes us back in time with the aptly titled single “Nostalgia”. Over a sombre and reflective guitar-driven backdrop, he reminisces on the past and how things have changed from Nintendo, CD holders, classic cars and a whole lot of memories that have slowly faded as he grew older.

John Brown – “Timezone”

John Brown‘s new release “Timezone” is a mellow and soulful tune that explores the uncertainty of life and his daily struggles. Backed by the R&B-infused backdrop provided by Miami producer, 3K, John Brown brings listeners closer to his life.

Akete – “Make It Repeat”

Eclectic rapper Akete shares his new single “Make It Repeat” which sees him teaming up with producer Devine Abstract. Over Devine’s off0-kilter and live-jazz instrumentation, Akete delivers a vivid and stream of consciousness type flow ripe with his distinct vocal tone.

TR Craze – “Gari Gari”

South Sudanese rapper TR Craze makes his appearance on our site with his new single “Gari Gari”. The track is cinematic and has a fiery performance from the rapper. The song was recently nominated for the Diaspora Artist of the Year nomination at the East Africa entertainment awards where he is up against the likes of Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz and khaligrapgh jones to name a few.


Arwk – “Remmyness”

Arwk ‘s”Remmyness” is a reflective tune that explores self-doubt, soul searching and finding true peace in this cesspool called life.

Climate – “Sorrow”

UK artist Climate delivers this heartfelt track titled “Sorrow” on our list. Over a sombre and melancholic backdrop, he runs through the ups and downs of being a struggling creative in an unforgiving world.

SUPER DARK and SHYN-YÉ. – “Downfall”

SUPER DARK and SHYN-YÉ make their debut entry on our site with “Downfall”, a genre-bending tune made up of cinematic textures and soothing melodic runs. The slow burner co-produced by SHYN-YÉ is ripe with introspective lyrics as well.

UC Kayla – “Hate How”.

UC Kayla pays tribute to all the women bosses out here hustling to achieve their dreams with her new single “Hate How”. Over a sparsely arranged bass-heavy backdrop, she sends warning shots to the haters and detractors.

Zeke – “R.A.P.”

Zeke is a hip-hop/rap artist hailing out of Cartersville, GA whose new release “R.A.P.” caught our ears. The track is a blend of poetry and insightful bars that showcases his versatility.

Slick Da Sniper – “I’m From Brooklyn”

Slick Da Sniper closes out this week’s list with “I’m From Brooklyn”, a detailed glimpse into his borough. Over the classic Jay Z “Where I’m from” beat, Slick shares with us the dynamics of street life and how it goes down.

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