We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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рэйдж – “Aura”

рэйдж is an emerging producer whose new release “Aura” caught our ears. The production is sublime and soothing, the guitar licks are lush and the eerie vocal samples do blend perfectly and add an ethereal vibe as well.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Out the Mud (Instrumental Version)”


DaMarcus VanBuren delivers his new release “Out the Mud (Instrumental Version)” to our list. The production is a mix of orchestral strings, lush guitar plucks with crunchy boom-bap drums and pulsating 808 bass kicks.




Paruhdroyd – “Mysterious Forest (Koji Kondo Cover)”




Paruhdroyd returns to our list with “Mysterious Forest (Koji Kondo Cover)” where he takes the song from Zelda Link’s Awakening and flips it into something new and refreshing. The way he chops the strings and exotic samples is brilliant.



Soulful Playground – “Two Tribes (A Thanksgiving Day Story)”

Producer Chris Vermillion‘s music brainchild Soulful Playground is back with “Two Tribes (A Thanksgiving Day Story)”, a hard-hitting conceptual track that explores the tale of two tribes. Backed by a gripping and cinematic soundscape, the track is underpinned by a narration that shows how mankind can go from one point to the extreme under dire straits.



boi borzoi – “Crystal Bay Beach Resort Breakfast Buffet”

Finnish producer boi borzoi delivers the “Crystal Bay Beach Resort Breakfast Buffet” to our ear drums. The track is nostalgia-inducing, relaxing and soothing. I like the keys, the reflective melodies of the guitar riff and the subtle textures that make it unique.

hushfall – “I Think I Think Too Much”

hushfall‘s “I Think I Think Too Much” is a somber, reflective tune that slowly builds up with its lush guitar plucks solemn strings and moody pads. It’s quite melancholic to some degree and nostalgic as well.

Andrew Lozano – “Like This”

“Like This” is a lofi jazz boombap record delivered to us by producer Andrew Lozano. It’s a perfect tune to chill out to, it’s warm, reflective and well-crafted.

Mr. Freed x Saiko – “Out Of The Box”

We head to Austria with the duo Mr. Freed and Saiko as they team up for this sublime boom-bap tune titled “Out Of The Box”. The drums are heavy and the airy horns really give it a different vibe and the warm textures as well.

Matt Wilde – “Clap Clap”

British producer Matt Wilde raises the energy levels with “Clap Clap”, a bouncy nu-jazz track that is as vibrant as they come. The drum grooves are peppered with soft claps and crisp synths laced with mellow horns and guitar licks. It’s quite layered and engaging from start to finish.

Quist – “Jingle Bells”

Quist sets the mood for the holiday season with “Jingle Bells”. He delivers his own unique rendition of the special song with crisp guitar plucks, warm pads and airy textures.

OuroborosDog – “Ursa”

OuroborosDog brings us some uplifting vibes with the guitar-driven beat titled “Ursa”. The producer sure knows the assignment as he blends soft piano keys with lush guitar riffs with mellow grooves to match.

Distant.Face x Starburst Records – “Osmosis”

Producer Distant.Face teams up with Starburst Records for his newest release titled “Osmosis”. The production is somber and reflective, the slow build-up and brooding keys and pads work perfectly together

Joe Sunrise x Floating Anarchy – “Green Skies”

Joe Sunrise and Floating Anarchy share new collaborative single “Green Skies”. The track is a blend of jazz, lofi aesthetics with a soulful touch. The layered sounds are quite sublime and each instrument stands out in a crystal clear manner.




Mr. Donsai – “Imagine”

Mr. Donsai helped close the list with “Imagine”, a piano-driven beat. The progression is seamless and the overall soulful feel is what makes it engaging.

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