We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Hoffy Beats x Ricardo Schneider x Jonny Alias – “Timeless”

Danish producers Hoffy Beats and Jonny Alias team up with Brazilian producer Ricardo Schneider for this heartfelt and reflective track titled “Timeless.” The track is built on soft keys, solemn textures and tones that flow over soft drum grooves



Lubin Beta – “Summer Rain”


Swiss producer Lubin Beta thrills us again with his new release “Summer Rain” where he embodies the euphoria and warmth of summer rain. The smooth textures are pronounced and have a nostalgic feel with their lush guitars and melodic arrangement.

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Vicstradamus – “Pathbreaker”


Vicstradamus delivers “Pathbreaker” for us this week. The track has a mellow and reflective feel, the drums are soft and the slow build-up is engaging too. An interesting fusion of trippy synths and pulsating basslines.

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Repeter T – “Smokin Trees”

Repeter T  comes forth with the funky beat titled “Smokin Trees” where he blends boom-bap drum grooves, lush funky guitars and heavy basslines. He even throws in various vocal samples from vetean rappers.

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axmaxv – “Calabass”

Axmaxv’s “Calabass” is a high-energy instrumental that blends the worlds of trap, traditional rhythmic grooves from Guadeloupe, and vocal chants to match. It is quite vibrant and engaging from start to finish.




CaliCronk – “Remember”


CaliCronk makes us “Remember” the good times on his new release. The bass guitar-heavy, lofi textured beat is soothing and somewhat reflective as well.


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80% Cacao – “Luma”


80% Cacao shares the new single  “Luma” from his Luma EP. The track is a brilliant piece that will induce beautiful nostalgic memories in the listener. From the dreamy textures, alluring keys, and pads, he layers it perfectly from start to finish.




TJ Holiday – “What if You Fly”

TJ Holiday delivers an uplifting and inspiring instrumental titled  “What if You Fly.” The production has a bright texture ripe with lush keys, smooth alluring vocal samples, and groovy drums to match the vibrant energy.

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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Vibe Check III”

DaMarcus VanBuren comes through with “Vibe Check III,” ripe with punchy trap drums, dark and trippy synths that keeps listeners tuned in from start to finish.

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Carl C Beats x John Paul Lopez – “The City”

Carl C Beats is not new to us and on his new release titled “The City” he teams up with John Paul Lopez and the result is a soothing and cinematic beat. It’s built on dreamy horns, reflective keys, and punchy boom-bap drum grooves.


LBL – “Link Cable”


German producer LBL blends a solid mix of cinematic textures, vocal samples, boom-bap drums grooves with video-game-inspired synths. It sounds like those 8-bit games on Gameboy for real. He also throws in some dope vocal cuts from legendary emcees such as RZA, Tash from Tha Liks, and more.


Gas-Lab – “Ancestors”




Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Gas-Lab shares his new release “Ancestors” with us this week. The laidback jazz-infused track is ripe with heavenly horns, soothing melodic piano chords, and soft drum grooves to complete the job.
The single is part of his forthcoming album Jazz Cats.

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AAOM – “Calor”


Mexican producer AAOM gets our attention with his violin-driven piece titled “Calor.” The track has a moody vibe with its low-toned bassline, off-kilter sound design, and textures and soft drum grooves.
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HashFinger – “Boogie”


HashFinger delivers this cinematic and punchy track titled “Boogie” which serves as the final track from his new album Eighths. The track is ripe with gripping guitars, scenic textures, punchy drum grooves, and a scratched vocal hook using lines from classic rap tracks. Get the entire project on Bandcamp

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Cutterz – “Sitting in the Dark”


UK producer Cutterz makes his entry on our site with “Sitting in the Dark.” A smooth reflective beat ripe with lush moody keys and nostalgia-inducing textures. It’s From the forthcoming album Walk on set for release in early 2022.

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Pico Panesa – “Trpw”


Pico Panesa goes for a moody and cinematic vibe on “Trpw” The melody here reminds me of 50 Cent‘s “Wankster” but with a more sinister tone.

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KristianK – “Floating Away”


Irish producer KristianK‘s new release “Floating Away” is a sublime and funky tune ripe with a plethora of sounds. From dreamy textures, funky basslines, airy vocal samples, and soft drums to complete the job.
“Floating Away” is taken from his new EP The One .


Frictionless – “Mystery”


Frictionless‘s “Mystery” is a dark cinematic beat ripe with ominous strings and pads but the drums are punchy too.

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oh, my. – “Sonder”


Swedish producer oh, my. taps into the spirit of Spring season on his new release titled “Sonder.” The track is somber and ripe with smooth keys, warm textures, and soft drums to match.


Tom Forte – “When I’m Feeling Down”


UK producer Tom Forte shares this poignant beat titled “When I’m Feeling Down” which was produced the day he quit his job. The track is punchy and makes use of craftily chopped vocal and soul samples. He throws in some funky guitar riffs as well.

Tellingbeatzz – “Trouble”


German producer Tellingbeatzz brings “Trouble” to our doorstep with his brand of offbeat and cinematic instrumentation. From the moody textures, punchy sparsely arranged drums, and low tone keys to match. This is the second single taken from his latest album.



Blackbird Belle – “The Sum of the Lonely”


Canadian producer Blackbird Belle closes the playlist with “The Sum of the Lonely” a soothing and reflecting beat ripe with lush guitar riffs, dreamy textures, and soft drum grooves that keeps listeners enticed all the way.

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