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L O F I L U V x Distant.Face – “Whistling Vibe”

“Whistling Vibe” is an interesting offering from the production duo who go by the moniker L O F I L U V x Distant.Face. The track is bolstered by laidback drums, summery guitar plucks and a catchy whistle melody that raises the ante on the chorus section.


Tokoname – “Away”

Tokoname makes a splash on our list with “Away”, a melancholic and reflective beat made up of sad pads, warm textures and lush low keys over soft drums. I like the way the beat is arranged, very sparse and relaxing as well.


L O F I L U V x Distant.Face – “Walking Alone”

L O F I L U V and Distant.Face once again come through with “Walking Alone”, a brilliant soul-gripping instrumental of theirs. Over sublime pads, eerie choral vocals and sparkling keys, the duo deliver a nostalgic piece that keeps our ears warm.



Sun.Mansa – “Bring Joy”

Sun.Mansa sure changes the energy of the list with “Bring Joy”, a choppy and off-kilter beat made up of different sounds ranging from stabs, alluring vocal chops and punchy drum grooves.


Lord Neptune – “Too Geeked”

Lord Neptune gets into the dark space with “Too Geeked”, a cinematic and urgent beat made up of moody and brooding textures layered over 808-heavy drum grooves, rolling hats and snapping snares. He adds that it’s y inspired by Bloodborne and other action-horror works.



John G – “Praise (Remix)” [feat. IZ]

John G’s “Praise (Remix)” [feat. IZ] caught our ears and the beat is a sombre and moody piece made up of lush guitar plucks, warm pads and 808-laden drum grooves that drive it.


Tom Kaye- “October Symphony”

Tom Kaye‘s “October Symphony” is a blend of classical music with hip-hop. The result is a cinematic and epic-sounding beat that slowly rises in energy. From the lush violin phrases, anthemic choral vocals and strings, Kaye sure blends the old and new in a new refreshing way.



Bogart. – “Albert”

I’d like to believe that Bogart‘s “Albert” is a nod to Albert Einstein but I may be wrong. The track sure is a gripping piece that is made to ease the mind. The sparkling piano riffs, low tones and sombre pads really blend perfectly together.


Distant.Face x L O F I L U V – “Pink Moon”

Distant.Face and L O F I L U V‘s  “Pink Moon” is as cinematic as they come. The track is a slow moody burner made up of brooding textures, soft drum grooves and rising pads.


Hanses – “wanne”

Producer Hanses stirs up emotions with this nostalgia-inducing piece titled “wanne”. The sparkling piano progression, moody textures and solemn horn riffs sure work well over the soft drums.


OuroborosDog – “purple palace”

OuroborosDog takes us into the “purple palace” wholly created by him. The producer is as solemn and sublime with summer vibes with lush guitar phrases, warm basslines and a driving drum groove which makes it punchy as ever.


James McDurt – “Winter Sun Winter Sunshine”

James McDurt brings us some jolly good vibes with his new release titled “Winter Sun Winter Sunshine”. The production blends lush lofi elements with lively jazzy textures and soft drum grooves to boot. It’s relaxing and quite alluring from start to finish.



Joe Sunrise x Mr. Freed – “Gotta Grow”

Joe Sunrise and Mr. Freed caught our ears with “Gotta Grow”. The soothing piece is a guitar-driven jam ripe with warm and nostalgia-inducing textures with soft drum grooves to boot. Perfect to meditate over if you asked me.


Tjay Suni – “11:59 PM”


Tjay Suni’s “11:59 PM” is a cool and uplifting piece ripe with a bright guitar riff, melodic phrases and an overall soothing vibe that aims to keep listeners engaged.




underdusk – “Mojito”

underdusk serves up some cool “Mojito” in his new release. The laidback tune is as breezy as the summer winds and has a soothing reflective ring to it as well.



Billy Hammer – “makossa”

Billy Hammer drops  “makossa” on our list. The title may lead your mind someplace else but the beat is quite eclectic and has elements of lofi, jazz and boombap vibes. From the crisp guitar licks, warm basslines and airy horns, Billy Hammer sure delivers the goods.


leonardo zurita – “i dont know”


Leonardo Zurita‘s newest release “i don’t know” is a mash up of sounds with off-kilter sample chops and vocal samples taken from emcees and a short clip from the breakfast club. It’s quite engaging and refreshing.

Kongchain – “Perigeo Dust”

Danish producer Kongchain packs a punch with “Perigeo Dust”, a classic fusion of boom-bap with jazz and chillhop elements. The moody basslines, soulful strings and nostalgic horns work perfectly here.

Even Kicks – “One-armed bandit”

Even Kicks brings a new vibe with “One-armed bandit”. The track sure has lofi aesthetics and more but it is the dynamism that really drives it and the use of changes and seamless transitions make it brilliant from start to finish.

DJ Lofi Studio – “Midnight Relax (Chillout Mix)”

DJ Lofi Studio sure lives up to his name with his new single titled “Midnight Relax (Chillout Mix)”. The track is mellow but colourful in many aspects. The piano progressions are melodic and engaging while the soft grooves seamlessly flow alongside.

Sincere Leone – “Rainy Days”

Sincere Leone caught our ears again with a new effort titled “Rainy Days”, a soothing piece with soft and sublime sounds with spacey drums.

Tom Kaye – “Any Given Sunday”

Tom Kaye knows a thing or two about epic as he drops this heavy banger titled “Any Given Sunday”. Using anthemic orchestral stabs, epic strings and thick drums, the producer raises the ante and gives us that much-needed motivation to kick off our day.

ihatemago – “Youko’s Endeavor”

ihatemago‘s “Youko’s Endeavor” is another gem we found and we just had to share. The soulful piano riffs, sad pads and slow build-up sure hit the mark.


Die Ordentlichen x Rudi Montaire – “Brackwasser”

Longtime contributors to the playlist, Die Ordentlichen and Rudi Montaire return with “Brackwasser”, a blend of jazz with classic boom-bap vibes. This track sure takes us back to the 90s and we can hear veteran emcees like Guru (RIP), Chubb Rock etc. doing their thing over it.

Syndrome – “Lounge”

“Lounge” is a new release by Canadian producer Syndrome who blends soft jazzy phrases with lofi sensibilities.

IKAAL – “Rain”

IKAAL‘s “Rain” is as melancholic as they come. From the sparsely arranged drum grooves, mellow textures and airy pads, the Mexican producer sure delivers something soul-stirring with this one.

PsychixBeats – “FuddyDuddy”


PsychixBeats got us locked in with his new effort titled “FuddyDuddy”. A mellow relaxing beat made up of smooth textures, and dreamy xylophones with warm basslines to boot.




Soulful Playground – “Session 2: The Split”


“Session2: The Split” is the first single off the Therapy Sessions album by Soulful Playground and it’s a sublime and brooding tune. Its made up of melancholic pads, and moody textures layered over punchy drums

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