We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ancona -” Dipper “(Mungo Remix) (Remix by Mungo)

London-based producer Mungo takes Ancona‘s ” Dipper ” and completely revamps it in his own way. From moody textures, dark ominous synths, and sparse arrangements, there is so much to draw from it.
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Japanese producer KRYKONBEATS taps into the spirit of Nujabes on “Skyfish.” The instrumental he crafted is ripe with bright and soothing piano riffs, smooth textures, and punchy drums to complete the mission.



Ventus Beats – “Lemonade”


“Lemonade” is a smooth relaxing trap-infused instrumental by Ventus Beats. The beat is crisp and has a nostalgic feel to it as well. The beat is taken from his SoundCloud Playlist Ashes & Agua (Demo), a collection of his favorite pieces of work from the past year.



juniordiaz – “cluesblues”


Emerging producer juniordiaz makes his way to our list with the piano-driven beat he calls “cluesblues.” He makes use of lush dusty keys layered over soft drums and throws in a sublime vocal sample into the mix.

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KILABO – Y”ugen”


Italian producer KILABO shares his newest release Y”ugen” with us. A dark, cinematic beat that is ripe with dreamy textures, lush strings, and ominous vocal melodies to match.

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Relative Major – “Reminders”

Relative Major taps into the spirit of the 90s on his instrumental titled “Reminders.” A blend of lofi vibes, jazzy elements, and that good old punchy boom-bap groove we all love.
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CHASE STEPHEN‘s “Apollo” is a chilled ambient beat ripe with lush lead guitars, soft drums, and atmospheric textures. He also makes use of several sound designs and samples from NASA like lightning on Jupiter, a Marsquake, radio commands between flight and mission control, countdown from the first Apollo mission, and thrusters engaging.
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Nefarious Aquarius – “Off The Pound”

Emerging producer Nefarious Aquarius makes his entry on our list with this mellow, soothing beat titled “Off The Pound.” He makes use of dreamy synths and soft trap drums to create a somewhat hypnotic beat that is memorable.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Endless Dreams”


Ogi feel the Beat delivers a somber, reflective beat called “Endless Dreams” to our list. The beat is a chilled jazz-infused piece ripe with lush keys, atmospheric synths and soft drums to match.
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Space Van – “Flow”


“Flow” is a chilled, dreamy beat by Ukraine based producer Space Van who makes his entry on our list. The track is quite alluring with layered guitars, smooth synths, and soft drum arrnagements.
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Wavey Singh – “Sapphire Tears”


Essex,UK producer Wavey Singh shares “Sapphire Tears” from his forthcoming beat tape called Galaxy Opal. The track is a laid back melancholic piece ripe with somber keys and nostalgic horns
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Behind The Beat – “Gloomy”


Behind The Beat comes through on a low key note with “Gloomy.” A laidback somber instrumental with soft drums and mellow reflective synths and dark keys to match.
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Ohno Da French – “Make Mine Freedom”

Producer Ohno Da French goes for a dusty boom-bap mood on this beat “Make Mine Freedom.” He makes use of punchy drums and somber textures that mesh well together.


Kenny Nishikawa – “Truth”


Bay Area producer/musician, Kenny Nishikawa shares his first release for 2021 in the form of this new instrumental titled “Truth.” A soothing lo-fi piece  that isripe with dreamy textures, alluring vocals, and snapping drums.


SciDuck – “Orange Ya Glad”


Maryland-based instrumentalist SciDuck shares “Orange Ya Glad” an offbeat, layered beat that is ripe with distorted sounds, lush electric guitars, and pounding drums to match.
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KLK Beats – “daily”


Japanese producer KLK Beats really got us hooked on his trippy and refreshing beat titled “daily.” The track has a smooth texture made up of dreamy synths, vocal-like synths, and a nostalgia-inducing flute by Junpei Fujita.
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Dude With the Beats – “Higher”


Dude With the Beats takes us “Higher” on his new song. A solid blend of hard-hitting cinematic guitars and pounding hip-hop drums to match. This is quite dope from start to finish.




Stereo Fear – “Marijuana”


Stereo Fear taps into the essence of “Marijuana” to craft this soothing and mind relaxing beat. He uses dreamy textures, sparse punchy drums, and warm basslines to get the desired effects
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