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Vicstradamus – “Dune Rider”

Vicstradamus is still at it and on his new effort titled “Dune Rider” he goes for a sublime and cinematic vibe. The drums here are solid and the textures are soothing from start to finish. The track also has added guitar riffs that adds an neat acoustic vibe to it all.

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Delapi -“Sax”


Delapi thrills us with his new release “Sax” which takes elements from chill-hop, jazz with some added lo-fi sensibilities. The track is taken from his Night EP.

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illutible – “Spiderz In My Shoe”

Australian producer illutible takes us for an interesting aural journey on his new release “Spiderz In My Shoe.” From the moody ominous textures, hard-hitting boom-bap drum grooves, and cinematic strings and guitar riffs, the track is aa dynamic as they come and offer something different all the way.


Damien Rigden – “Dharma”

Damien Rigden caught our ears with his new release “Dharma” which brings a different style to the forefront. It starts off as a bright fun-filled track and slowly progresses into a moody, ominous piece. The dynamic style and off-kilter aesthetic is inspired by the producer’s interpretation of Dharma practice.

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CaliCronk – “So Fresh”

CaliCronk‘s newest release titled “So Fresh” is a mellow, reflective piece ripe with soft drum grooves, alluring horns, and crisp xylophones. It’s quite distinct and blends the worlds of Lo-fi jazz and soul in a seamless fashion.



Camille Antoni – “CABD#18-96”


Indie producer Camille Antoni shows us his off-kilter style on his new release “CABD#18-96.” The track is dark, experimental, and quite cinematic too. From the heavy synth bass and dynamic sound design, Antoni brings something refreshing and different to the table.




Sincere Leone – “Once Every Blue Moon”

Sincere Leone delivers a somber piece titled “Once Every Blue Moon” for our list. The track has punchy drum grooves, reflective textures, and warms aesthetics.

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J a S Productionz – “Yeahh”

Emerging producer J a S Productionz goes for a moody lo-fi sound on his new effort titled “Yeahh.” He makes use of punchy and sparse trap drums and mellow piano riffs with obscure vocal samples to match. Quite engaging and perfect for a reflective rapper to get on.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Inside A Spiritual Circle”

Ogi feel the Beat‘s “Inside A Spiritual Circle” is an offbeat electronic music-infused piece that showcases a different side of the producer’s style. The track has moody textures, atmospheric synths, and trip-hop drum grooves that add to the dynamic and nuanced arrangement.


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CASHBY – “Universal Love”

CASHBY takes us on a soothing journey on his new release titled  “Universal Love.” The production has sublime textures, alluring guitars, and dreamy horns layered over engaging drum grooves. This is the closing track of his recently released LP entitled Cosmo Graffiti.


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Socotra – “Hightail”


Socotra goes into a somber mood on his new release “Hightail.” The track has a sublime texture made up of solemn keys, synths, and warm basslines.
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SirMellow – “no reply”


SirMellow flips a Japanese sample on his new effort “no reply” and delivers a cinematic piece that lovers of lofi/soul can rock with.


Yung Ezekiel – “Monkey Noises – Instrumental”


Yung Ezekiel goes into the lab to deliver this experimental piece titled “Monkey Noises” and the result is a rousing off-kilter piece. The strings are moody and the sound design is a bit on the rough side but it gets the job done.
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NES – “Night Lights”


Japanese producer NES makes his entry with his jazzy production on his newest effort titled “Night Lights.” He seamlessly blends lush somber jazzy piano riffs, xylophones, and moody basslines over modern crunchy drum grooves.

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Ogi feel the Beat x Marko Smiljanić – “Future Dial”


Ogi feel the Beat is back in business and this time around he links with Marko Smiljanić for something different. The track in question is titled “Future Dial” and goes into the trip-hop, electronic scene with its cinematic textures and dynamic arrangement.
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Maleek Patterson – “Melody Harbor”


Emerging producer Maleek Patterson delivers a soothing piece titled “Melody Harbor” where he makes use of a solid guitar riff and dynamic drum grooves to create something engaging.




3am Dives – “Allspice”


3am Dives flips a classic soul sample on this new release “Allspice” a blend of lush keys, horns, and punchy drums sure goes a long way.
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Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Cafe La Bohème”


Swiss producer Kyle Quentin & The Kyles makes his entry on our list with “Cafe La Bohème” a chilled jazzy piano-driven piece layered over boom bap drums. The track is taken from his 3 track EP I Don’t Care For Your Standards.
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Blkshmn – “2001 (A Chill Odessey)”


Blkshmn‘s “2001 (A Chill Odessey)” is a reflective and atmospheric piece that is ripe with crunchy drums and spacey textures. It’s quite chilled and somewhat nostalgic as well.
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Gunstylero – “Solitude Instrumental 2021”


French producer Gunstylero closes out the list with this somber piece titled “Solitude Instrumental 2021.” It’s a heartfelt piano-driven beat laced with soft drums. Simple and effective.

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