We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Leavv – “Caramel”

German producer Leavv caught our ears with his sublime and soulful piece titled “Caramel”. The chilled beat is ripe with warm textures, somber strings, and lush keys.






Noti – “sunkissed” (feat. Annie Goodchild)


Swiss producer Noti shares “sunkissed” featuring Annie Goodchild. It’s a blend of live instrumentation with subtle melodic runs that have bright textures and layered sounds. The production is quite rich and has a feel-good nostalgic vibe while Annie’s sublime vocals add a soulful touch to it.



Krisengebeat – “No Doubt”

German producer Krisengebeat goes back to the 90s with his boom-bap-infused track  “No Doubt”. The track is dusty and punchy with its jazz elements, thick drum arrangement, sublime textures, and classic sleighbells. He even throws in some vocal samples from Das EFX into the mix.



Lyde. – “Monstera”

Lyde. caught our ears with “Monstera” a genre-bending instrumental that blends lush cinematic soundscape, soft drum grooves and hypnotic melodic vocals that engulf the track like a mantra.


Dude – “Phoenix”


Dude goes for an electronic-influenced sound in his new release “Phoenix”. The drums are punchy and the groove is solid while the textures are ethereal and somewhat airy, it’s quite engaging though.

Palishi – “Interrestrial”

Palishi‘s new release “Interrestrial” is a mellow, ethereal piece that is made up of moody strings, and atmospheric textures that slow build into a soul-stirring crescendo.

Thomas Tempest – “Life”

UK producer Thomas Tempest shows us the dynamics of “Life” in his new single. The sublime production is reflective and soothing. The drums are punchy and the use of a vocal narration on the topic also adds an extra oomph to it.

HART – “Cruisin”


HART shares “Cruisin” which serves as his 4th single from the upcoming album, Moon Jazz. The track is a blend of jazz, lofi elements with classic boom bap drums. It’s cinematic, moody, and cinematic as well.

King I Divine – “Reflections”


Veteran NY producer King I Divine delivers a new release titled “Reflections”. A mellow and soothing piece that exudes summer and a warm vibe. It’s layered and sublime and a solid addition to one’s relaxing playlist.

playaKO – “Doomed”


playaKO‘s new release “Doomed” is a dark and ominous beat that hits the soul. The drums are soft and have a ghostly feel while the violin strings and moody textures really draw listeners in

Padre Tóxico – “Noir”


Hardworking producer Padre Tóxico goes into another realm with his latest release titled “Noir”. From the sublime textures, dark moody strings and overall cinematic vibe, he brings something nostalgic and soothing to the forefront.


pantology – “Menagerie”


Eclectic instrumentalist pantology is back on our list with his new effort titled “Menagerie”. A chilled layered piece made up of crisp keys that jingle all the way with somber strings, warm basslines, and solid drum grooves to match.
This track also samples his father and concert cellist Ronald Lowry’s playing and incorporates both melodic and sonic effects from his centuries-old instrument.

Distant Memories – “Slipspace”


Distant Memories‘s “Slipspace” is a summer-type joint ripe with lush guitar riffs, solid drum grooves, and warm basslines. A perfect track to kick off one’s day.


MicroCosmicOrbit – “Kick’N it 0ld School”


MicroCosmicOrbit comes through with something retro in the form of this tune “Kick’N it 0ld School”. A blend of ominous textures, dark strings, and punchy drums to boot.

Retromigration – “Kush Calls”


German-born, Amsterdam-based artist Retromigration makes his entry on our site with this future jazz piece titled “Kush Calls”. From the rousing drums, lush guitar riffs, warm basslines, and ethereal piano progressions, he brings an engaging and dynamic sound to the forefront.


Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Borderline Bourgeois”


Kyle Quentin & The Kyles got us bopping our heads with their new release titled “Borderline Bourgeois” A blend of upbeat groove, lively horn, and bright textures.


Ogi feel the Beat -” Took”


Hardworking producer Ogi feel the Beat help us close the list with ” Took”. The mellow jazz-infused lofi track is ripe with lush keys, somber strings, and soft drums.

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