We are back for 2017 with the Top 5 Submissions. For those who don’t know, this is a weekly segment where we highlight some gems that we were unable to deliver due to the high volume of submissions. Please tune in, get familiar.


Kamzei – “High Talks”

Kamzei is a solo artist based out of New York, raised in Hollis, Queens and the daughter and sister of three boys. Influenced by all music genres and life around her, Kamzei was able to create a lane of her own.  A down to earth balanced artist, I would call her. She is in love with her flaws and she expresses it through her writing skills. Although you’ll hear a few songs about heart break, you’ll also hear songs that will make you think and question your motives. Her music is versatile with a relaxed, soothing sound that gives you a feeling of high. She is up and coming and growing every second of the day with her art. Her latest project is called “High Talks“, a 9 track offering in the atmospheric,off kilter pop/indie/electronic style.

Delbert Anderson Trio

The Delbert Anderson Trio Feat Def-i- “Tiny Desk Contest 2016”

The Delbert Anderson Trio and Def-i fuse hip hop and jam/funk to create the sounds of the Southwest. Delbert Anderson (Trumpet), Nicholas Lucero (Drums) and Mike McCluhan (Bass) – DDAT has carved their own path with their desert forged influences and world class musicianship.

Bare Beats & Dusty Ohms

Bare Beats  & Dusty Ohms – “The Bare Dusty Beat Tape”

This split tape is the product of both beat makers deciding to put together a joint project in a scrapbook fashion, concentrating on capturing a vibe over technical tweaks and the contrasting styles sown together. The Bare Dusty Beat Tape will hopefully be the first of many back to back beats to come from the MJM label mates. There’s even talk of a Bare Dusty Beat tape pt.2 since Dusty Ohms and Bare Beats worked so well together. Time will tell!


Elicit – “Speak For You”

Elicit is an engaging artist from Vancouver whose positive outlook on life makes him a refreshing voice in the rap scene.  Speak For You is a powerful and relatable song that was produced by Jedi Mind Tricks affiliated beat maker C-Lance. The choir filled instrumental gives this song an inspirational feel as Elicit creatively lists all the types of people he can relate to and their daily struggles – “I speak for those who walk like miles just to get to work/ or get to school I know it’s hard when your feet hurt/ I speak for those who cram themselves on a crowded bus/ or on that subway that stalls when you in a rush.” The cinematic shots in the video, along with the urban settings and graphic editions help make this video come to life. This song is undeniably Elicit’s best yet, and will have you coming back for a second and third listen.

T2 Ghetto Hippie

T2 Ghetto Hippie – “IDGAF”

T2 drops another wavey single titled “IDGAF” . Check it out here.

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