For our 2nd week top 5 instrumental subs, we got some solid joints from these cats. You may not have heard of them but that is what we are here for, bringing you the best from the underground. Check it out below


Smok-Mon – Nio

With a background in Gothenburg’s indie-pop scene and a love for dirty beats, Smok-Mon gifts us with this laid back joint titled “Nio”. Armed with an ever-changing modular synth and an old school sampler Smok-Mon crafted the joint with syncopated drums, layered piano riffs and  obscure vocal samples.



Jacuzzi Jefferson – limewire

Jacuzzi Jefferson produces in the Brooklyn band Pool Cosby, who released their first LP in 2017 with features from Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan) and Kool A.D. (Das Racist). While the band puts the finishing touches on their upcoming mixtape, “Swimmingly,” Jacuzzi quietly dropped a free 5-track EP on Christmas morning. The EP demonstrates his J. Dilla and Knxwledge influence with short, sample-based, swung beats.


Skullkid – Flowers

‘Flowers’ is a collaboration between skullkid,, which released as part of the ‘Bright Sky’ EP on December 27, 2017. The project was released on the label soulfulxnature (sxn), and showcases the musical chemistry between the three producers, as the EP was started and finished in a single day. ‘Flowers’ paints a vivid story in just two and a half minutes – lush and soulful melodies drifting over skullkid’s signature drums that knock.


Jabbar – Butterflies

Talented producer Jabbar is back with another gem from his stash titled “Butterflies”. A brilliant tribute to classic West Coast Hip-hop music. “Butterflies” is off his debut instrumental album “Matters of the Mind”, is a brilliant nod to the West Coast which has been influential and inspirational to him throughout his music career.

He envisioned the song as the soundtrack to an extremely chilled out ride – specifically in a droptop in the city of Los Angeles. “Butterflies” takes you on a journey filled with dreamy synths and wavy pads that continue to build as the song progresses. Unlike the rest of the album, it’s one of the few songs that does not have a beat switch, but just continues to build and elevate.

Danijel Zambo – Rollin’

Danijel Zambo is a self-taught musician and began playing guitar and piano at the  age of 14. After having played in a few bands, he released his first solo album “All my demons” in 2008. A wonderful debut between electronica and classical music. More critically aclaimed albums have followed and he is working as a freelance  musician these days composing music for new media projects etc.





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