It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Zhund – “Aventura (Instrumental)”

Montreal based producer who goes by the moniker Zhund joins our ranks with his newest release titled “Aventura(instrumental).” Built on ominous strings and leads, he delivers a somewhat cinematic tune that we definnitely can rock to.  Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.



Rocomoco x The Hidden – “3:30pm”

Berlin beatmakers Rocomoco and The Hidden have joined forces to bring us this soothing piece titled “3:30 pm.” A nice fusion of lo-fi, soul and experimental jazz sounds. The duo tap into enthralling sounds that grip the soul and gives it the necessary energy to go through the day. It’s pretty uplifting as well. The track is the title track of the duo’s newest collaborative EP made up of 5 dusty beats.

Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.




DYVN – “Where R U?”

DYVN (“[dive in]”) returns with a smooth head-nodder titled “Where R U?.” He goes for a solemn, reflective vibe with melancholic keys and lush horns over a solid drum groove. He adds that the track exudes the perfect vibe for when one is feeling lonely but also trying to be self-sufficient.





Kabinyo – “Want U TN”

Kabinyo is a new producer we just stumbled up and it was hard to pass what he had for us. His beat titled “Want U TN” is a fast-paced, smooth beat with energetic chops and lush vocal chops. He mentioned he is inspired by retro production techniques which shows on the track. Check it out and the retro anime used for the visual is pretty nifty too. Get it on Spotify.



Bmbu – “Plane Surfin’.”

Bmbu once again delivers in grand style as he drops “Plane Surfin’ “. The track has a very melancholic feel with its ominous keys, ominous pads and very obscure vocal chops that come in every now and then. Get it on Spotify and Bandcamp.



Laps – “Dreams”

Laps thrill us with a reflective piece titled “Dreams” that serves as his latest release. The producer goes for a mellow, lo-fi, dreamy (pun intended) feel with its lush synths, smooth pads, and laid-back groove to match.

Laps is 1/2 of the beat making duo The Book Of Changes.  Get it on iTunes, Deezer, and Spotify.



Botanik – “Academics”

Botanik laces us with this ultra laid-back groovy jam he calls “Academics”  which serves as a precursor to his upcoming Mythology EP. It sure has a very solemn and reflective feel to it too and also keeps your ear out for the subtle changes as it progresses.




Drop Lone – “Take Me Down”

Production duo who go by the moniker Drop Lone makes their way on the top list with this powerful piece titled “Take Me Down.” A blend of hard-hitting drums, atmospheric synths, and vocal chops
Drop Lone is made up of 2 producers Baptiste and Samuel. Listen to “Take Me Down” on all DSPs here.



Simon F.R.E.S.H. – “Only U”

b.’s newest effort “Only U” is a calming, ethereal piece that hits the mark. He keeps it minimalistic with the layered pads, keys, and horns that come through with their nostalgic-inducing energy. He used to go by the moniker WhoGotDrumz and recently ventured into the chillhop-genre, where he is currently working on a collab-project with fellow Aarhus-native ““.
“Only U” is the first track off a new instrumental hip-hop project planned for release in 2020. Inspired by the mellow the releases of Radio Juicy and Chillhop Music.



Akkodha – “Stardust II”

Philadelphia, PA, raised producer Akkodha shares his newest work “Stardust II”, an engulfing piece that is layered with a handful of sounds that range from rock, hip-hop to ambient. The track is very soothing and also makes the listener reflect on life. “Stardust II,” is a single from the producer’s new 10 track album, Escape. Get it on Spotify



Tony Tokyo – “What I Wanna Know (Explicit Dialogue) ”

London based Producer Tony Tokyo goes for a different vibe and energy on this release entitled “What I Wanna Know (Explicit Dialogue). ” The beat has a dark, ominous feel about it and the producer also takes it up a notch with the dynamic approach as the beat builds up alongside the various Top Boy vocal dialogue laid on it.




King Cash Beatz & Bonafuku Beatz – “Butterflies”

“Butterflies” is a solid beat by King Cash Beatz & Bonafuku Beatz who blends a nice soulful sample and flip it with a hard-hitting trap vibe.

Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.

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