Toobe Fresco is back with a touching single in the form of “November 27th, 2017”. The song is an ode to Toobe’s uncle who recently passed away from colon cancer. Using J.Cole’s “3 wishes” instrumental, Toobe takes the listener through the emotions and also paints the situation for everyone to feel through his emotionally driven lyricism.

Toobe also gave an interesting insight into how the song came about below.

“I wrote this for my Uncle just after he passed away from colon cancer a week before Thanksgiving 2017. The bittersweet part about this song is that his passing was still so recent and fresh when i wrote it. I’m usually never able to write about things going on in my life so soon while it’s happening, but I felt like the Lord was moving me to pick that pen up so I can release what was inside of me -he was the only uncle I had and the first ‘blood-family’ death I’ve experienced since I was 6 years old. My grandmother had seven children and he was the only boy. He taught me about being a man. He taught me though his wisdom, presence, perseverance, and ultimately his courage to fight until the end. Tell people you love them while you still can, man.”

“November 27th, 2017” is the  third song from Toobe Fresco’s  “Epoch” Music series.



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