Here’s a preview of the latest Redef 7″ single- “Another You” by The World Famous Tony Williams featuring Kanye West.  This is smoothness personified, and it seems both Tony Williams and producer Bink! have inspired Kanye’s feature on this track back to a form many of us have been missing.  In stores June 19th, continue reading for pre-orders…

This teaming up of REDEF and The High Society highlights the desire to give fans something more than another free download of disposable music to be lost in the iTunes abyss. Attention is given to the music, the lyrics, the artwork and the packaging. “Another You” is representative of an album oozing with effort and a passion for this artform, which connects Tony Williams and the listener. Plus, enjoy a slice of history as this is the first 7” for either Tony Williams or Kanye West in their distinguished careers. It’s a family affair! ENJOY.
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