Ireland based Singer/songwriter Tolü Makay’s newest single “Don’t Let Go” is a prime example of positive self-affirmation and what she calls an emotional transition from fear to hope.

Over a lush guitar arrangement, she vocalizes her personal journey that saw her cleaning out the proverbial closet and setting her sights on being a better person in all aspects. Armed with a smooth, heroic vocal tone, Makay reinforces the positivity within with lines like “…Don’t give up, no, no/ You’ve got it all…” and continues to pepper the alluring backdrop with her enthralling vocals and inspiring lyrics. The Fiona-Louise Ntidendereza directed visuals have a sepia aesthetic sprinkled with retro neo-soul motifs. We get to see her in different mindstates as she goes about her business and having fun regardless of the troubles she might be facing.

“Don’t Let Go” is the first single from her debut EP.

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