New Jersey lyricist Tiye Phoenix makes a stand with the release of her 6 track body of work titled The Glow EP.

Tiye Phoenix has been featured a bunch of times on TWIB so ardent readers already know that she is not one to play with. From fusing spirituality with hard-hitting lyricism and being unapologetically herself, Phoenix doesn’t try to pander to the masses. From the opening song which happens to the title track, Phoenix sets the tone as she delivers a form of proclamation over a soulful familiar sample. She embodies the full spectrum of her being and gives the listener a mix of street-savvy, conscious and spiritual gems peppered with her unique bravado. The follow-up track “Take Me There” is a smooth RnB infused jam that dives into the irreplaceable feeling that comes with the true human connection. Phoenix is in her element here and her pen game is impeccable, lines like “Let it flow, don’t oppose it, just accept it, that’s the words you quoted when we connected, in some way do you suppose that it’s destined?” detail her true emotions and she also wraps it up with a melodic hook. Tracks like “Dem a Fall” and “1 Percent” show Phoenix in her final form and we get a plethora of hard-hitting rhymes over cinematic beats. She closes out the project with 2 more cuts “So Real” and “Better”. The former is a triumphant track that focuses on black excellence and the need to retain one’s integrity regardless of the fakeness around. “Better” still retains the energetic feel of the previous cut and dives into being better in all aspects and implores the listeners to focus on self-growth in the midst of adversity.

At 6 tracks deep, The Glow EP is succinct, profound, and well crafted from start to finish. It’s devoid of unnecessary skits or fillers and every track here counts.


Get The Glow EP on all major DSPs here.


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