TITUS is back with the 4th entry in his meal ticket music series. Once again he showcases his solid songwriting skills over a solemn backdrop. Nothing is forced here as the rapper efficiently details the inner workings of life, the struggles and dreams.

Born Titus Melvon Kirkland on January 1st, 1992, was born in Danbury, Connecticut. Was his mothers only child and the first of his fathers 5. He would spend his early childhood in Brooklyn, New York where his mother and father were born and would spend his adolescence in Danbury where he attended school. Titus began his music career singing in special chorus in elementary school all the way into middle school, where he developed a passion for writing hip hop lyrics. before he could attend high school in Connecticut his mother moved him to Mobile, AL, where he felt isolated not knowing anybody which allowed him to focus on his craft and master it up until this point.

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