Let’s take it to the beast coast with that duo from Queens,New York.. “Superbad and OPrime” have been keeping their vernacular exercised for this timeless music they created on “Rock-It Science”… You can feel somewhat of an old school beatnuts vibe on this, pretty dope.

This project is dedicated to Queens, NYC, ‘Lo heads, vintage gear addicts, graff writers, and hip-hop fans all over the globe.Via Timeless Truth…

 Continue to read on and keep it slapped up!.. ghea!!

Rock-It Science is the debut album from Queens, NY duo Timeless Truth (SuperBad Solace and OPrime39). The album is entirely produced by Rthentic RTNC and features guest appearances from Sean Price, Roc Marciano, and Action Bronson, as well as cameos by Meyhem Lauren and Large Professor. The Rock-It Science LP was mixed by Superstar Dave Dar and mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez at Stadium Red in New York City.Via Souncloud


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