Bristol based emcee ThisIsDA returns with his unique blend of Jazz/Hip-Hop sounds. His latest single “Control, Shift” is built on a laid back, mellow soundscape that aims to soothe the mind. ThisIsDA on the other hand delves into serious subject matter while entertaining the listener with a breezy hook.

Hit the play button and get familiar.

‘Control, Shift’ touches on police brutality, introspection and the human experience as a whole. ThisisDA showcases his captivating lyricism against masterful jazzy production by friend and producer Jakuta. The track begins with a vintage sounding guitar and smooth clarinet sound before ThisisDA enters with his effortless flow, “young man I’m on these words for real, pressure really got me, stuck I emerge and peel”. The track has three guests on it who all add their own intricate touches. The complexities of the clarinet sound, played by Luke Eira – a busker ThisisDA discovered in Bristol – adds a beautifully textured layer to the song, Fenne Lily harmoniously doubles up on the vocals in the 2nd chorus, whilst seventeen year old Gaidaa, who ThisisDA explains “can sing from the soul like no other”, demonstrates her inherent soul on the outro melody.

‘Control Shift’ is a masterful look into the mind of ThisisDA. His unique blend of jazz and hip-hop is one of the most refreshing sounds to come out of 2017, and when it drops this April, he will undoubtedly be seen as one of the most exciting new artists to emerge this year.

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