After our short pause this holidays…we are hitting the ground running in 2013 by sponsoring something brand new…”Just One Record”. As always we strive to bring you the Freshest international content underground.

Just One Record” is produced, shot, edited and directed by the excellent French photographer and videographer Gustav. In these series, he grabs international acts Touring in France, and asks them, What is the One Record that was most influential to them?

Episode 19 features Vicelow, from the internationally famous Saïan Supa Crew, I remember perfectly their hit single “Angela back in the late 90’s. Hyped to see Vice on our first sponsorship of the show.

We’ve been following Gustav’s work from the start, so long overdue for us to sponsor this goodness. Make sure you check his Vimeo channel for previous videos:

Keep it locked as all future episode will be sponsored by us right here at

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