Emerging UK rapper Theodor Black teams up with fellow Londoner producer and musician Dwyer on his new single entitled “Had Enough.”  The track has a solemn, atmospheric vibe that fits BBlack’s profound and introspective lyrics.

Black takes ample time to dwell on his current life situation while trying to come to terms with the reality of it all. Armed with his calm, laidback flow, Black gives the listener a short glimpse into his life and how he plans on moving on from certain things. He approaches it from an intentional viewpoint where he knows he can’t control some elements in his life but rather seek for the things he can and make the best out of it. While he doesn’t go extra deep into the topic at hand, he sure displays his fears and hopes on wax for us to feel.

Originating from the South East London collective Reservoir, he traces the path of artists like Archy MarshallKeyah/Blu and Denzel Himself with his music incorporating sounds of hip-hop and indie, whilst remaining totally unique. With support from the likes of Highsnobiety, The Face, and Noisey, each release further demonstrates Theodor’s sonic dynamism.

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