This part should have been delivered quite awhile ago and for that I apologize to the readers of and to my own people. I have been stuck trying to climb the next rung on the ladder and that has left me without time to finish this and so here I am. I present to you the Final Chaptah

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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010:

I woke up to Brzowski going to bed around 8am and I sat there trying to figure out what type of craziness he had gotten himself into the previous night when I chose to just sleep.  I decided that I would do something nice and great for my tour-mates and proceeded to get dressed to hit up the local market and cook breakfast for everyone there.  I drove around the city of Windsor for hours trying to find a supermarket and without much luck ended up at a local mini-mart.  I didn’t mind all the driving considering I was on the border of the USA and I could use my cell phone again, so I decided to call everyone I could while I could.  Everyone seemed so much better off without me so I left them be.  Back at the house I cooked up 12 eggs at once! I had never tried to do this and thought at worse it could be a great experiment in my cooking skills.  I actually pulled it off and even Jesse Dangerously had said it was the best eggs he had ever tasted since leaving home a few days before, around noontime the mailman had shown up and I was super excited to see my package?!?!? turns out when you ship packages to Windsor they have to all go through Toronto and as of literally the moment I am writing this, I have finally received the last/lost package.  We decided to just leave without the merchandise and get to Geulph for the show and meet up with Noah23.

If you have never met Noah23 I am sorry for you, he has to be one of the funniest/craziest people I have ever met in weirdo hip hop ever.  We pulled up to the venue with this one guy sitting outside it with all purple on from head to toe, I proceeded to say to the crew “That guy is going to be dissapointed in the hip hop that goes down tonight” and when we got close to him I realized it was Noah23 himself, something you might not know about Noah is that he is one hood motherfucker.  He once stood up for us and hustled us some money for a show we werent supposed to be paid for, but since we impressed him so much he went out of his way and for that I am grateful.  If you have never heard of Noah23 please check out his latest video here:

The show went off without a hitch and some warm bodies floated through and we jammed out, I had only 2 T-Shirts and a few cds to sell so I was real excited to get rid of them so I could et that night.  I finished my set and went outside for my normal “Im having an anxiety attack and need to be outside” and who should stroll by but the crazy homeless lady from Toronto! I dont know how she found me or why she didnt remember me but she then proceeded to talk to me about numerology and how my birthday (6/4/84) was in tune with hers and that we were meant to be together (aka soulmates!)   I decided that my time had finally come and got up and ran back inside, if I ever see her again I will marry her, or take her up on her offer to have sex only for the fact that her finding me again can only be a factor of fate.

The rest of the tour went by with a blur which started with a 45 hour drive to the west coast of Canada where I met and played with Epic, Touch, The Joe, and almost beat up DJ Weezl for talking way too much shit! (I still dont apologize for the actions I took towards him) The only show that mattered from here on was the last gig which was Ottawa, Ontario!

Here is where my last rule goes into play:

Try and always look on the bright side of this rap music hell: I have trouble remembering the westcoast and thats mostly because it just wasnt that great a time, I had girls telling me they didnt want anything to do with me and my friends had their GF issues as well, mind you we were playing shows for people that didnt always want to hear what we had to say!  So I try to remember the brightside not the 90+ hour drives I did for 2 shows.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010:

This was Jesse D’s current new hometown and the hype was big for this to be the best night ever, after sleeping a total of 8 hours over the last 3 days driving just to make it to the show on time I was once again excited to rap again.  I at this point had lost my voice, was running on fumes and had no money to spend to even get the gas to get us home, times were trying to say the least.  It was my birthday the next day and I had decided to goto the Strip Club for only the second time in my life.  I am not into strip clubs but I am into making my friends or specifically Jesse Dangerously, uncomfortable in his skin.   But back to the show, this night had some radio drops from MoonDown Radio (thanks guys!) and the DJ even came out that night!  I was excited that someone outside had asked if I was H.W. and then when I responded yes, he proceeded to go into the show.  I had hopes that the radio play had made an impact on the show and I beleive it did.  I played to a good crowd and they responded well.  High fives were had throughout the night, shit here is a real video from that night: (super unreleased stuff here)

The highlight of the night was definitely Jesse D’s set where me and Brzowski jumped on stage and did his backups during Halifax Rap Legend: (peep the video below)


and that video sums up how I feel about this entire tour. I will be a rap legend soon, I am already a touring monster! thanks for your support and eyeballs on this journey. come visit me over at and say something nice!


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