Avant-soul duo known as The Steoples returns to our consciousness with the gripping fx-laden visuals for their song “In the Dance.” The single is a laidback jazz/soul piece that makes use of experimental styles with neo-soul sensibilities and abstract concepts like time and virtual constructs, and how people have moved throughout history on their own accord leaving their impact for us to feel. The duo  GB and Yeofi deliver a heartwarming performance with warm melodic runs over the ethereal soundscape that grips the ears and soul from the moment you hit the play button.

Director Panther Modern takes a futuristic approach to the visuals and blends live-action with computer graphics to fully capture the essence of the song. The visuals explore isolation and the power and importance of physical communication. It follows two partners in isolation, longing for the chance to see each other but powerless to the technology that gates access to that communion. Only for a predetermined amount of time are the partners allowed to interact with each other in virtual environments. A headset slowly drops into their isolated rooms allowing access to the virtual worlds. A place where they can experience the idea of physical interaction and self-expression through a government-controlled program called, ‘In The Dance’.”

The visuals also feature an appearance from musician/comedian Reggie Watts.

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Wide Through The Eyes Of No One – Tracklist


  1. Everybody’s Song
  2. The Good News
  3. In The Dance
  4. Cotton
  5. Lonely Behavior
  6. Wide Through The Eyes Of No One
  7. Leaning On Me
  8. The Real Wealth
  9. Procession
  10.  Alas Alice (bonus track)


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