Emerging multi-faceted artist The Rhetorician shares his new effort “The Descendant of Zack Taylor: Episode 2”, a brilliant cinematic piece that blends fantasy, sci-fi, and drama into a cohesive collage. The track sees him taking the role of his alter ego Zack Taylor, who is a distant relative to the Black Power Ranger (Walter Jones). The production is warm, reflective, and soulful while the raps are off-kilter and follow the tale of Zack Taylor’s journey through various fantasy landscapes and obstacles in order to save the Forestland.

The visual is 10 minutes long and shows us the epic journey of the protagonist as he goes through the hero’s journey of self-discovery, failure, and the final arc of redemption and victory. It shows a wide array of characters from the omniscient Oracle, the weird horse-sized cat Mr. Tim and many others.

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