As we stay prepared in this “Election Year,” the rap trio who go by the moniker The Purge team up with New Bedford, MA emcee Revalation (of EMS) team up to share their thoughts on the coming election and the thick political climate. The Purge consists of DJ Flipcyide along with artists Astro Jiggy Jones and D.A the I.N.M.

“Election Year” is a no holds barred verbal assault by the 3 emcees as they proceed with a plethora of heavy bars like “Let me make it clear, I’m the illest nigga made/ you can tell I’m certified by the way I rock the stage.” The punches keep coming in with more lines like “I spit fire, roast opponents into ashes/ eat break rapper bust a doughnut drive and drift.”  They then end it with this “Bang em in the head and hit them with sense/ we get rid of Donald Trump we gotta deal with Mike Pence” and a few more gems for us to ponder on before election day. The trio is backed by a cinematic bouncy beat courtesy of Right Beat Radio complete with skillfully laced cuts on the hook via DJ Flipcyide.

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