The French Touch Connection‘ is back with a new compilation ‘Mircosillon‘, filled with up & coming worldwide beat makers from Argentina, Greece, England, Canada, France, Germany & more. If you appreciate instrumentals, you owe it o yourself to check this.

Check their bandcamp page for more information and download link. Enjoy!

Press release after the jump…

The french Touch Connection is back with Microsillon. 
This third album is inspired by old French music titles but not only. This is a tribute to old vinyls, France and worldwide. 
This is a real connection between all the artists and people listening to us around the world. 
Each brings its knowledge and culture for a single project. 
Again, many nationalties are represented. 
The artists of Argentina, Greece, England, Canada, France, Germany, United States, Belgium and Switzerland came to connect each other. All with a different style, so we can find the atmosphere of old dusty vinyl, forgotten in our cellars. 

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