When the Foreign Exchange announced that their Authenticity will be coming to an end on the West Coast, it was a heart-wrenching moment for most fans, as they rush immediately to pick up their tickets online. For a person like myself that has never been to their shows in the past, this was an opportunity I could NOT let pass me by. The Key Club was just as I expected: PACKED TO THE MAX. They didn’t have any opening acts; in fact, they didnt need any. For an intimate experience that they’ve brought to Los Angeles couldn’t be that much sweeter. Many of the fans that were there were with their dates, or came in groups as big fans anticipating on what they were going to bring forth during their last and final tour for their amazing album. Mind you, the last time they came out to Los Angeles was two years ago, and this time around, they brought Jeanne Jolly for her first Los Angeles appearance!

Besides the fresh tunes they’ve sung from their previous releases, Los Angeles has witnessed the humor in the live skits in between songs (courtesy of the genius, Phontigallo). For many that was in the audience, it was an outstanding show, especially when the ladies Sy Smith & Jeanne Jolly got to perform their solo joints.

If you have never been to a Foreign Exchange show, make sure you go, whether it’s across the country or when they tour Europe (or wherever their fan bases are). Trust me, the experience will blow your mind..

…and guys, make sure you bring a date.

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