Emerging Boston-raised rapper The Cool Youngmace shares “Nightmares” and “Dig You a Way”  which dive into real-time issues that listeners can appreciate and learn from.

“Nightmares” is built on a lush guitar arrangement and bouncy drums and follows Youngmace as he details the craziness around him and how he copes with the situation with a clear head. Armed with a laidback flow and vivid lyricism, he delivers a reflective and soul-stirring piece that hits the mark.

Stream “Nightmares” on Apple MusicYouTube, and Deezer.


In Dig You a Way“, he digs deep into his own fears and hopes over a moody and cinematic soundscape. He runs through the emotions and the ups and downs of life and the myriad of tribulations we all face. In the end, he implores us all to find a way out of the doldrums and never give in or give up.

Stream Dig You a Way” on Apple MusicYouTube, and Deezer.

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